Coastal OR greenhouse, too early to start light dep?

Discussion in 'Greenhouses' started by al k mist, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. The greenhouse is up. With Quite a few indoor grows under their belt, friends put up a 15X14 X 6 1/2'tall hoophouse.
    . They had planned on vegging recent clones for a month and start light deprevation, but was wondering if they can start now with plants 2 1/2 wks into flower? Then move the babies in there in a few weeks.
    Natural light is 12/12 now, I think(equinox, right)
    With the addition of a propane heater for warmth and co2, and ventilation, will changing from HPS to sunlight(although cloudy often) slow or damage them? When would be the oportune time to start? Supplemental lighting aint happening, as they already run 2k watts HPS and 8bulb t5(plus 4-bulb for clones-both t5 are 4')
    Thanks so much
  2. No, but they will start to reveg in the next 30 days.
  3. Wait till June...we put them in June 15 and they still get over 16'
  4. no, they will harvest fine, some growers can fool you into thinking that there spring light dep grow is indoor buds. itll be fine just keep your day/night on schedule. and start vegging your next light dep.
  5. Thanks to all of you.
    @ wharf rat. I got no dime but I got some time to hear your stoooory. They certainly aint revegging. Although, speaking of revegging, They hope to reveg the sweet deep grapefruit in the growroom. It was one of the few they didnt clone due to space issues, but it is sooo sick, big, thick, and stinking.
    @ why garden? well. They plan on having another in there then, for sure. Then it will be plants vegged for a bit, then LST a little around 7g squat pots with bottoms cut off, then have (maybe) chicken wire trellisses.
    @ it all burns...Thanks for the comment. Yes, its on schedule, some are vegging for the next one.
    Keep in mind that this one is only 6 1/2' tall, they will have to be wider. Plans on building a much taller one with corrugated polyethylene ends, straight sides, and a big ventilation system were put on hold, but maybe before june it will be possible
    Now lets see if I can post pics he emailed me The first one is a pic of a jedi kush flower, frosty as fuck, but the flowers are small, indoors too. Lots of them(4 million per plant) but very light(probably 100 micrograms per flower)-yes, exaggerating, but they are super small
    2nd shot is just the plants-most of them- in greenhouse. Notice the smaller pots? Clones that were not picked up by 2 patients were just placed in 2g pots and added to the flowering part of the hophouse
    #rd pic is the sweet deep grapefruit that they want to re-veg, since they didnt get clones(because it looked so stretchy and skinny-man were they wrong

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  6. Oh yeah, whygarden, what strains were those 16' monsters??

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