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  1. Anyone try these soils indoors? I have had great luck with it outdoors. I am using FoxFarm Oceanforest now, I definately like it, I do however think that the Coast of Maine potting soil has a bettter texture, its not as coarse.
  2. HobbyFarmer

    Potting soils are generally local because of the transportation costs involved. I went to their web site and checked out their soils and other products. I would be running to get my hands on their products - they're outstanding. Light years ahead of Fox Farms Ocean Forest - not even close.

    FFOF sells for around $10.00 and $8.00 per bag if you buy a full pallet around here. I wouldn't buy or use it regardless of how low they dropped the price. Nice soil if you like powdery mildew, gnats, etc.

    Sounds like you found a real winner with the Coast of Maine products!


  3. I will have a new grow starting in mid-March. Maybe I'll grow half in FFOF, and half in Coast of Maine. I think with the addition of some Guano & dehydrated chicken poop, it will out perform the OceanForest. I'm not super expierianced in growing weed indoors, But in my opinion the soil is the most important part of a healthy, tasty plant.
  4. HobbyFarmer

    Go here and see if any retailer on that list is in your area.

    If they are I can dial you in for cheap money on nutrients and such with their product line. Almost all of their products are organic and priced below grow store norms.

  5. I use half coast of maine and half roots organic or promix.
  6. Wow! Holy old thread Batman! COM lobster compost is probably the best bagged compost you can buy. You’d be crazy to use anything else (except homemade) in the northeast.

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  7. do you add aeration?
  8. My local mom and pop garden store carries a lot of the COM products, many of which I have used for veggies. I am on my first cannabis grow and I am using their potting soil with a few amendments, so far so good.
    I have a bale of sunshine mix #5, which is basically #4 with finer screened peat and perlite. If I amend with Lobster compost, what else will I need to add? Some more aeration for sure. But do I need crab/oyster/gypsum? the peat is already neutralized. Just kelp, neem/karanja, rock dust?
  9. That sounds good. Only thing I would add in addition is maybe some bone or fish bone meal. Some say it isn't necessary, but I like to add it to my initial mix.

    I think crab won't be needed because of the COM. Gypsum adds sulfur and calcium, so it is good for increasing terpinoids, but not 100% needed. Oyster/lime if the peat hasn't been limed.

    Malted barley is also useful for the enzymes for microherd and plant. It can be mixed into your intial mix.

    Should be a great mix for you with kelp, neem/karanja, and rock dust. Now just focus on getting the right light (I highly recommend HLG leds), dialing in your environment, and learn how to keep the girls happy.

    Also don't get discouraged if things don't all go right your first run. Takes a while to dial everything in and figure out what you are doing wrong. And then learning the drying/curing process can take a few tries.

    Good luck and happy growing!
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  10. Cool, thank you!
    I am actually already growing, all autos. @Organic sinse is helping me out a ton. 1st grow went really well in terms of how much I learned, but she only yielded about 0.4 g LOL. It was good quality though.
    Currently growing 2 plants that are doing much better. They are almost done, looking like maybe 10 grams each ballpark. My tent is 2.5 x 1.5x 3 feet, so I need to keep the plants small. I don't use very much by most standards. If I get more than an ounce every 3 months I won't know what to do with it.
    I have them in the COM potting soil amended with kelp, malted barley and azomite. I know I was missing a few of the key ingredients, and I am looking to make up for that by top dressing before the next run, as well as adding to my worm bin. I have malted barley that I got ground at my local home brew store, I forgot to mention that, so definitely have been using.
    What is the purpose of the (fish)bone meal? Added P?
    I want to get those HLG's when my budget allows for an upgrade. Currently have a Viparspectra 135w wall, and I added a Taotronics 36w wall in flower, which has more of a red spectrum.
    I was pretty successful in training so far. I was really aggressive keeping the girls short, not really knowing what to expect. Yesterday I supercropped a few basil plants I had, and that went really well. They are U-ing back up already, so I know I can always do that if I have tall girls in the future.

    tldr: So to summarize, first I should consider fishbone meal, and possibly gypsum (I ordered the neem ninja as soon as I saw your blessing). Then work on lights/environment. Definitely that has been tricky with such a small tent!
    I really appreciate your advice as well as your encouragement. There is an awesome community on here.

  11. Yeah the (fish) bone meal is for P, but also has some Ca. It is debatable whether it is needed. MOFO doesn't use any and gets incredible plants, but others like I think waktoo or wetdog recommend it (stoner brain can't remember which one). I like to add to initial mix, one and done.

    You can probably skip the gypsum or add for good measure if you'd like. If so, I would get locally, definitely would not want to pay to ship it. Environment is definitely more important than gypsum though. Neem/karanja also contains some sulfur. Not something that will make or break.

    For your space I would say go for the 4x HLG 120 or 132's when they restock or when money permits, in 3000k or 3500k. These are about 2x more efficient per watt as the vipars. You'd probably only need two, maybe three at most, for your space. It is nice to have extras in case you upgrade. It would cost about the same for 2 preassembled or 4 DIY. You could also get a super low power driver for the fourth if you would like to keep a few bonsai mother plants.

    Definitely would stick to compact indicas with that three foot height
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  12. is this not a good price for gypsum? 6lb/$13
  13. Not really. If it is convenient for you then go ahead. You probably don't need too much of it. You can get like a 40 lb bag for 12$ at lowes or home depot. Just gotta check if the store has it in stock. It is useful for breaking up clay soils too
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  14. Just picked up 40lbs at the garden center for like 7 bucks. Thanks for the heads up.

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