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  1. i would like to make co2 on a 2lbs margarine pot. can someone tell me the receipe??? how much sugars and how much yeast?? btw is it true that i can pee in it instead of yeast??? if so how much do il ave to add in it??? do it affect if water is not in darkness???

  2. btw do co2 burn??? dont wanna burn my house
  3. co2 doesn't burn. It is a non flamable gas. Don't flood your grow area then enter with out ventilating it first
  4. i,m using yeast but i guessed plants look healthy but have not noticed a great improvenment
  5. now im aving sugar, water and yeast. no urine. do it will work??? if i need nitrogen in it could i put my plant food in it?? it got nitrogen.. for the odours
  6. bump can some1 answert plz??
  7. u dont really need to pee in it at all
    just helps.
  8. by the way...CO2 is the limiting factor in almost any land plant ecosystem there is...ur basement being included...there is prob nothing that will put on more growth if u have all the limits of lights and water than CO2
  9. My method is to take a one litre, plastic pop bottle, fill it to nearly full, add one teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of baker's yeast. Drill a small hole in the screw-in bottle lid, put it on the bottle and while blocking the small hole, shake the bottle up good. Shake it again every few days, when you no longer hear the pffft sound caused by pressure when you remove your finger from the hole, it's time to start the whole process all over again.

    I've found (thru experiments) that using co2 increases my overall yield by approx. 25%.

    Good luck!

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