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  1. i was wondering ...does anyone use a carbon-filter on their rooms ? ( have to be reasonably big 30-60 plants ) and if so when the air from the room passes through the carbon filter to remove the odour before extraction does this air become suffused with carbon di-oxide as it has passed at a molecular level through the carbon....
    It cant be carbon monoxide as this would be dangerous so it must be carbon di-oxide ( THE MUCH LOVED CO2 ) because i have talked to a lot of experts and no-one seems to know..

    resaon being that if it is working with strong extraction i could re-vent the clean co2 infused air back into the room in a continuous cycle...

    anyone got any ideas...any scientists here !!! lol
  2. well ill give it a crack.

    what ur asking is does the O2 the plant makes combine with the carbon in the carbon filter?

    if it does...which it prob doesnt...its so small that it doesnt matter.

    charcoal is coal that is blown bubbles into so u get lots of surface, like a piece of volcanic rock but smaller. the more 'activated' the more little holes and surface space it has.

    the carbon is pretty fixed in place on a filter and it is used as a 'platform' to attach stuff to. like a huge magnet. carbon bonds are super strong and it holds organics pretty well.

    ambiant co2 is about 250ppm now. in a house its prob a bit more, in a basement with a furnace running its ALOT 400+.

    but each time u vent an area, any increase is virtually eliminated in seconds.

    so the answer is no.
  3. Thanks mate , have you or anyone else used CO2 , id like to try it as its cheaply available over here in uk but what are the results like?
  4. It does help, but its only worth it if you have say 20+ plants.
  5. Just take care of a sufficient flow of fresh air and keep temperatures below 84 and you won't need any additional CO2. Bear in mind that a too high dosage of CO2 can kill your plants!
    If you really want the advantage of extra CO2 (which is only beneficial for large scale operations) you'll need a very expensive computer controlled release system.
    Stay high!

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