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  1. If I were to drop some Co2 tabs in my humidifier water tank would that generate Co2 in the air?
  2. If water activates the CO2 tabs. I don't know anything about how you're growing or what you've got as far as a setup, etc., but I spent a lot of time worrying and wondering about the CO2 thing when I first started out and actually bought a CO2 tank. I eventually got up enough money to buy the regulator to disperse it properly, but I've never put it on and set it up. We have an air conditioner in our flower room and apparently the air it circulates is providing enough CO2 to keep everybody in good spirits because I've not had any issues with my plants and it's been this way for a couple of years now. Come to think of it, I guess I really should do a little research about the CO2 needs of these plants and fix that darn thing I paid too much money for. LOL TWW
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