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  1. I know the results from added CO2 during veg, but also have heard that it will reduce potency during flowering. What's your take on this , help!!
  2. it actually increases the yield....added in moderation and stopped approx 1-2 weeks before harvest.....Peace out...Sid
  3. Thanks for the info Sid. I'm only using the sugar/yeast method, three 1 litre bottles. They've been in there only a week and the difference is noticable, best if around 80 degrees with ventalation. I'm in my 3rd week of veg and will turn em back by new years, and then separate the boys from the girls.
    TB out
  4. sounds good...keep us posted....Peace out..Sid
  5. whats the sugar and yeast method to get co2 to ur plants and when should u start and stop using it
  6. get 1 litre bottle, add 1 cup sugar and 1/2tsp. brewers yeast, fill 3/4 water. In 24 hours you will be making CO2. By the way, put hole in cap or bottle might explode, BOOM!!!!!! Place bottle or bottles in grow room, up high if possible
  7. i know guys who do there home brew beer in there rooms as it also gives off c02
  8. Actually the yeast they use to make booze is better than regular yeast. Better yet, find a ckic with a yeast infection and just have her sit in the room all day lol.
  9. thanks bigbud?

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