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Co2 wax

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by hellaphant, Sep 22, 2012.

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    Just picked up some Co2 wax-- this is my first time with it, as I usually get BHO. I lit it up in my bong and noticed a goldish residue floating in the water. I pulled it out and it is sticky just like wax.

    So I want to know if this wax was made properly... seems like it shouldn't be leaving residue behind like that, especially after one hit.

    Thanks for any and all advice.
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  3. looks like a whole dab to be lol you sure you got a rip? co2 wax isnt as pure as bho so it leaves behind residue, also lacks the smell/taste of bho.
  4. Definitely agree on the lacking smell/taste of bho... And yeah I definitely got a rip man, lots of thick, nice smoke. Really was into the stuff until I noticed the residue. So could it be some CO2 left in the concentrate itself? I'm not ashamed to admit I don't know a ton about the process.

    I was reading a couple of comparisons though, and they both seemed to say that CO2 was healthier.
  5. Also, the product is dark, almost black, and tar-like prior to smoking. I'm thinking maybe it's run-off, and the change in color is due to the rapid cooling of it as it hits the water? I don't know!!

    Also.. there's a funky taste with it... does all CO2 wax suck this much... hahaha
  6. Yeah a lot of people dislike co2 wax because it taste funky. the product was black? man that's different, most co2 oil I have seen is super bright blonde but not quality.
  7. Right.. so is regular CO2 the same color as the shit in my bong then?? Like the picture up there ^^?
  8. Starting to think that what I have is a solvent reduced wax versus actual CO2... that's what it looks like anyway.
  9. Here's a picture of the wax itself.. on the left is one I've been dabbing off of and on the right is an undisturbed sample of it.

    So what's the consensus... Is this CO2 or not?

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  10. definately not co2..if i had to guess, it's probably a hexane closed loop cycle that creates this hash oil. it's very dark, which isn't a trait that most co2 hash's have. also did you put it on coffee filters or did he? for hash oil ALWAYS i mean ALWAYS use parchment paper.
  11. Oh no I didn't, that's how I got it-- I always use wax paper. And actually it's a little foil cup, like they give you chocolates in. Pain in the arse.

    So next question... 'hexane closed loop cycle' sounds similar to the BHO process. BUT it's still missing the characteristic smell/taste of BHO that I'm used to so I know it isn't that process.

    Wanna smoke it, but it a) doesn't get me as high, b) tastes bad, and c) leaves that weird residue in my piece. All things considered, it's making me a bit nervous about consuming more.
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    Old thread! but co2 wax is really good if you can find a good manufacturer. Taste and smell isn't compromised neither. There are clubs in LA that exclusively carry co2 concentrates only and everything on their shelf is superb.

    With that said, I think most people prefer bho cause it does keep the flavor/aroma better. and it's WAAAY easier to make, so it's more readily available. But easy means ANY stoner can pickup a bottle of power 7 and shoot it out of a turkey baster and purge it. no knowledge needed, no quality control, no health guidelines. i have been experiencing some weird minor side effects from bho. i've moved on to co2 only. it's hard to find good co2 concentrate manufacturer.. harder to find a club that carries it, and even harder to find honest clubs/budtenders that won't lie about it.

    some info on supercritical fluid extraction
    CO2 Extraction - Cannabis Extract - OrganaLabs
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    ^you mean anyone can make oil..not make completely purged oil. Half the kids/clubs make budder.. and no knowledge needed? your correct people can go on youtube and find out how to make oil but that doesn't mean they're going to be making a quality product. A lot of extract artists have quality control, and health guidelines to there product before they smoke it, not to mention getting much more scientific. co2 is just hard to manufacture do to the equipment needed to use it as a solvent to run through.
  14. lol not completely purged oil for sure. I live in San Jose and between a few friends, we visited majority of the clubs that had concentrates listed in their menu around here. We brought back concentrates from different dispensaries to try them all out. It wasn't a test or anything it just happened like that over time. But man I will tell you some them will sizzle, bubble, have that tane taste, and give you some gnarly headaches. This experience was more than enough to turn me off from bho from clubs. There weren't very many clubs that had really nice colored, fully purged wax. I started purging the club wax myself just to be safe.

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