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CO2 Ventilation Help

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Shankapotomus, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. Finally doing it and am redoing my entire flowering room and adding CO2. I have read and researched my ass off and still have one question about ventilation.
    New room is going to be 8x12x8 with 2 1000w hps on a light rail. Just picked up a Sentinel VCG-6 LP Burner and a Sentinel CHHC-1 Controller.
    My question is how often should I ventilate? I am way up North here with temps below freezing for most of the year and will be using outside air for heat control and I have a dehumidifier.
    So when should I cycle my ventilation to clean out the room and start filling it back up with CO2?:confused:

  2. they make a plug that has a meter built into it... it automatically turns on the fan when a PPM is reached... made by cap...
  3. So you are saying to vent when my PPM (1500) is reached ?
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    So you are saying to vent when my PPM (1500) is reached ? The controller I just got controls PPM,humidity, heating and cooling. I have a timer set up for my ventilation, but just don't know when to set it for. I don't have to worry about venting because of heat issues, rather just to air out the area.

  5. Why would you do that? Don't vent at all during light hours. Vent at night if you want to air it out. Keep your gass between 1500-2000 during all light hours. No gas at night as they only use it to photosynthesize.
  6. OK this sounds a little better. From everything I have read including, Gardening Indoors With Co2, By George Van Patten, not much was mentioned about ventilation. With all I have read elsewhere ventilation is only mentioned as a way to control heat. I understand the theory of setting up to have the room ventilated when temps dictate on a automatic or timed basis.
    I just thought that every so often during the day that the room should be flushed out so to speak.

  7. I'm assuming you have the equipment to deal with the heat your lights and other equipment will produce in a sealed room. You can " flush" the air a couple times a day, but I don't know of any research that says this has any effect.
  8. It is below freezing here for about 6 to 7 months out of the year and will be pulling outside air to cool.
    It just so happens that one of my weekly trips to the giant hardware store, had on sale a 10000 btu air conditioner for 72 bucks for the times when it's warmer outside, so cooling is covered.
    Guess I'll try a cycle for a couple times during the day, 1 at lights out and another just before lights on and see what the plants have to say.

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