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Co2 Tank vs burner

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by duckhead69, Dec 30, 2012.

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    I have a 10x10 flower room live in northern michigan growing in a garage I just had to start a heater lights not keeping up now for the temp. My question is I all ready have a 20 lb steel tank need to buy valve for it . But was looking at whats out there and is a burner better for my applacation or the Co2 tank. Now in the summer I run A/C sucking from outside but think Iam gonna move air unit into garage less attention to what I am doing. Just want opinion of peolple that may be doing what I am trying to do. Gonna suck from in garage thru my veg room then vortex fan into flower and suck out thru lights to outside thru roof
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  2. any body got any advice on this co2 burner or co2 tank which is better
  3. I run tanks, and it is a pain in the ass filling them all the time. And I have multiple tanks to rotate, and still hate filling them. If I had a larger space I would def upgrade to a burner.
  4. like I say my room is a 10x0 in my garage so I say that is small. So what and how often do you run your valve to release Co2 into air
  5. dont use that tank unless it came with a valve. when you pressurise things to 50-200 bars you want rated equipment assembled by professionals. if your valve breaks or the tank falls etc you can send that thing throgh your head. just a fyi. and regarding the burner if you have it in a diffrent room in your garage and then circulate the air in a closed system with the garage being the heat dispurser and then pumping all the nice co2 with a powerful fan that could work. i dont think ppl put burners exacly inside their growrooms since the heat put off will be more of a problem than the gain in growth. but co2 is heavyer than air so you would want your input to be on the floor and the output over the plants. this way you create a "waterfall" in your grow area
  6. So I have a room the same size and noticed that liquid propane burners have been actually extremely bad for my plants. I use a titan 2x burner and every time I used it I will notice my leaves turning crispy dry and yellowing on other leaves. My propane tank itself is actually outside the growroom and I'm sure there isn't a gas leak. I'm switching to tank this grow to see the difference.
  7. Are you planning on running CO2 for temperature tolerance? I don't find it necessary at all. It's a big bother unless you need it to make plants stay healthy at 90+ degrees.

    Last grow was 1.2g/watt with no co2 and if last one was any indicator this one will be 1.5g/watt +. Why would I ever bother with CO2? There's only so much headroom.
  8. i run burners . titan makes a good one . i strongly suggest taking the time time to connect it to natural gas . for get filling propane tanks . ok trust me i send more time in plant grow rooms then i do in bed . to keep the temps down you need to inject the co2 in the room asap fast as possible . i played with just 2 burners vs 10 burners . the faster you inject the hotter the flames but it turns off very fast . check this 1 out .Titan Controls® Ares® 10 - Ten Burner CO2 Generators | Titan Controls
    there are many units out there 99 % of them are good . one is trash i think its called blue point . ok and here is another idea for co2 in your garage . this is often done . by my friends . Dyna-Glo 20,000 BTU Blue Flame Vent Free Natural Gas Wall Heater-BF20NMDG - The Home Depot . it has a pilot light it will burn 24/7 safely . just turn down the temp the burner keeps going . it produces co2. how much ? depends how well your sealed up . my friend has his sealed up super tight in a 20/20 his ppm are 1200 . if your a commercial grow just get the burner . if you want advice on what ppm you should run or what controller to get just ask .

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