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  1. My issue is this. About a month ago, I finally ran all the insulated ducting I needed to seal the airflow in my flowering room. What I mean by that is air is drawn in from a bottom vent, through the sealed reflector, into the exhaust fan, and out into my bathroom, which has a bathroom fan running 24/7.

    After I finished the system, I asked myself "Ok, now how is my grow going to get fresh air?" After research, I found fresh air isn't really the concern, but CO2 levels. I've finished constructing a gallon pickle jar modified into yeast/sugar DIY CO2 generator. My Flowering room is 5'x4.5'x8' and my Veg room is slightly bigger 5x5.5'x8'. The Flowering room usually only has 5-7 plants in it so they have room to spread out, while the Veg room has a staggered mixture of plants, including new clones and a cloning machine, probably about 20 or so. I use a pound of sugar and a tablespoon of Fleischmann's dry yeast for each room's generator. The lid has a single hole drilled with a hose sealed to it with silicone.

    In a test of my generators, I submerged the hose in a glass of water, counting about 3-4 bubbles every 10 seconds.

    My question is I mistaken to think the occasional (virtually daily) opening of the door to my seperate Flowering and Veg rooms while supplying the rooms with their DIY Generators? Can I modify my "Generators" in any way to save CO2 till lights are on to make their use more efficient? What room temperatures should I beware of when experimenting with a controller and keeping the exhaust fan off while CO2 is on? Any ideas or advice?

    And finally, is sealing the air flow in a room a good idea?

    Thank you everyone!
  2. I don,t know...
  3. Anything a lil more in depth? lol
  4. Hello,
    I'm currently doing a little micro grow in my closet but I am using the same yeast CO2 generator. To the best of my knowledge I don't think there is a way to stop the generator. Maybe put it in the fridge to slow the production of gases but that's just a thought. No facts or experience but just going off the fact that cold temps slow most chemical reactions. I just let the CO2 keep going. It fills the closet while the lights are off and the plants aren't absorbing as much. When the lights come on, the room is full and CO2 is once again being used by your girls. That's what I've been doing. I also made a mini yeast CO2 generator out of a couple 16oz bottles for my cloning trunk
  5. Alright I just sealed my air flow so it only draws from outside the room, through the reflector, and back out, and my exhaust fan only runs when the light is on. The CO2 has a continuous flow, so in the morning, as you said, there should be a big buildup of unused CO2 in the room, ready to be used when the lights come on. Hopefully this works well...
  6. Yea those yeast buckets are a waste of time and a huge invitation to pests unless your really micro. Trust me getting your ppm to rise with yeas buckets is hard, I've tried eight five gallon buckets and all I ended up with was more work and prison wine.

    I then bought a regulator and tank. This sounds like the best bet for your size of space. Go to ebay and you can get a regulator for 60 bucks, good digital timer is 20 bucks and you can get refillable tank at a welding store for like 50 bucks sometimes.
    Its about 15 bucks to refill tank at welding stores. Get a tester tube, they cost ten bucks a piece but you get two tests. These are way cheaper than a controller but its up to seal space. Co2 won't kill you till about 3000ppm or higher.

    My tank only lasted 6 days at 1400 ppm. Shit. I am now getting a natural gas burner. Room is 10 by 10 by 7 too and sealed perfect.

    As to temps can rise ten degrees or more when you give co2@1400 ppm and this is fine.
  7. How many gallons of CO2 would I need to fill a 5x5x8 room to at least 1000 ppm? Is there a formula? I found a formula for the amount of vinegar and baking soda to make X number of gallons of CO2, and was curious to how much I would need every day.
  8. Anyone on the # of gallons of CO2 to make a dent in an average 5x5x8 room?
  9. I used the yeast generator and found it to be a waste of time. After a price/convenience comparison I settled on the CO2boost bucket.

    Initial investment was $149, a refill is around $100 and lasts about 90 days. To refill a tank here is $25 so only $8 or so more per month to NOT deal with regulators, controllers, tanks (or being seen carrying the tank) etc. is so worth it. I plug it in my light timer and it only runs when the light comes on. Huge improvement from my last crop that didn't use CO2.
  10. 1 mol of CO2 is 44 g

    (1000g CO2) / ( 44 g/ mole) = 22.73 moles CO2

    1 mol any ideal gas @ STP = 22.4 L

    (22.73 moles CO2)(22.4 L/m) = 509.1 L
    (1 mol CO2) (22.4 L/m)=22.4L co2 = 5.97 gallons co2 @ 1 atm/25C
    1 cubic foot = 6.42 gallons(dry)
    Your room is 5'x5'x8'= 200 cubic feet
    To totally fill your room you would need 1196 gallons of co2. I know that's not what you want but just a reference point.
  11. Awesome, thank you. I found this site as well, to calculate the volume of a room to guesstimate an amount of CO2 to fill the room.

    Tank Volume Calculator

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