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  1. Howdy all, I have a few questions about CO2...1)What concentration is considered optimal? 2)I KNOW the ladies benefit IMMENSELY from CE(CO2 Enrichment) in veg, I have seen it first hand. Do they also benefit in bloom?? 3)I wish to use CS(CO2 Saturation) for mite control, do they make a device that will regulate flow of gas(by solenoid or some such) on auto preset PPM(is it wicked spendy?)??? And lastly, is 15 min at 10K PPM big/long enough for a mite Nuke?? Thanks for your help.

  2. Don't know about the mite co2 issue but sounds like you are looking to get co2 setup. I also have seen first hand, and yes it does help during flowering. I think it is 1200PPM is optimal for growth, it also helps if you are running higher temps. Here is the thing though, they cost. way more than I would like to spend. See link for some pricing examples.

    I have added CO2 two different ways, now mind you I am running a smaller room.
    1. brew beer, I have done this during the flowering stage only and it helped, but beer takes about three weeks to brew and your CO2 levels drop towards the end of of the beer batch, so I had to brew three 5 gallon batches to flower. They started in my room @ 900ppm and in three weeks were @ 600ppm but even this little helped.

    2. I used a exhale CO2 bags these worked pretty good it put me @ 1100ppm start to finish.

    but these options only work if you have a closed ventilation system meaning you take hot air out of the room cool it and bring it back in. Recycle your air essentially. this way you do not loose your CO2. If you have anything that vents exhaust that does not come back into the room you would be removing your CO2 also.

    when I switched the method I was using to the venting exhaust out and not bringing it back in the exhale bags only got my room up to about 600ppm which is better than nothing. The CO2 generator and controller would be the method I would go with if I had the cash to fund it. That setup would let you control a constant ppm in the grow room.
  3. CO2 Boost is your best bet to add CO2 into your growing area. I have seen a difference in my grows and I feel that I'm not giving my plants the attention they need by not giving them CO2.

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