CO2 question, Searched. Advanced. Exp. CO2 users plz.

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Extinctx11, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. For experienced CO2 users.
    are you running a co2/vent cycle or straight CO2 with no venting?
    How do small cracks/spaces below doors affect the PPM In your CO2 room?
    How hot does it get without venting (if you have a large HPS 400+) and is it vented separatelly?
    What size is your room, how often does it fill, how fast does it leak, where does it leak, and if it doesnt leak how fast do the plants use it up? how are you measuring it? Is a CO2 controller really necessary or can you just multiply out your space and required CO2 and seal it up pretty good and go to town? How to calculations work in practice (as opposed to theory)
    Whats better a slow constant fill or periodic sudden fills?
    Do you turn it off 2weeks before harvest (when you start flush?)
  2. Good questions there i have been wondering the very same things.As far as i know plants can uses up the co2 with in a room is 1.2x1.2x2 meters i have a co2 controler that gives off a small amount of co2 every 4 mins the only way to truly measure if it works is to look at your plants.and i can say i have grow 3 crops with out co2 and this crop iam useing co2 for about 2-3 hours a day is much bigger and busher than the last 3 crops
  3. You have to cool your room, even if your lamp is being cooled. Radiant heat from the lamp, plants, pumps, and other stuff will build up to over 100*F if not vented out or cooled with AC. I use a controller to turn off the CO2 while the blower is pumping air out of my space. Yes, cracks in your door will cause you to use more CO2, but I think you know that. I run my CO2 when ever the lamp is on. From start to finish the CO2 system is keeping the room at 2000ppm. No need to turn it off before harvesting, it wont harm the bud (helps it big time).
  4. Iv never done co2 but iv seen it in my friends closet in his bedroom. He does have small cracks on the sides of the closet doors but he runs co2 12 hours a day when the light is on. He also has a carbon filter with 4 inch fan blowing air into his bedroom. the way he did it is he hooked up a small line from co2 bottle to back of his fan that blows on his plants. He says the whole bedroom fills with co2 on 1800ppm in first 2 hours and stays like it till its turned off.Couse Air goes out of his closet trough that crack but also comes back in . Thats just how i understud him when he explaind it to me... Once again just an input im no pro...
  5. Hello, I had a question and since its along the same lines I will just use this thread.
    I did search but didnt find topics that answer questions that pertain to my situation.

    So about co2 which method do the pros (you guys and girls) prefer, injection or generation? I already have the an injecton sys (reg, 20lb tank, 20ft hose). I like
    efficiency and the co2 calc estimates my tank will last approx. 2 months (for only
    1500ppm total and counting 300ppm already in the air).
    I read generators offer efficiency but looking at a unit on ebay it says right on it not for home use. I dont want to burn my apt down. So with that being said are there any of you that use a generator in lets say a 10ftx12ft room? The room is cut in half appox with poly plastic and one side is the flwr area. I already got the injection sys since its doesnt put off heat and the outside temp gets to 110f+ in the summer. I am thinking of the long term and not just ths up comming fall and winter. BUT in my quest for efficiency a generator and a small ac unit wouldnt be out of my budget in a few to several months if I could keep the flwr area cool. Not to mention I read that co2 injection is better at warmer temps anyway, 80f-85f. Is my reasearch correct? Thanks in advance farmerjohn:rolleyes:
  6. Generators have to burn propane or natural gas to make CO2. My grow is hot enough, I dont want to add anything that is burning to it. I feel much safer with a 20 pound tank of CO2 and it comes out cold.
  7. So Mr. Rumple how long does a 20lb tank last you? I just looked at your bucket grow pics, I bet that took some pactice. Those buds are very fat. I hope with some practice I can get results like that.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. A 20 pound tank last one month in the summer and two months the rest of the year.
  9. it takes about 20min for the co2 to be absorbed around the leaves. well thats what the Kush man says

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