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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cloudnin420, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to Grasscity, hope someone can help. I've got clones that have been in rockwool about 2 weeks, and several of the new growth tips are starting to yellow and wilt. I know it's only been several weeks but the other ones are doing wonderful. My other question is I read a recipe for making CO2 with Brewer' Yeast and sugar, Iwas curious if it had to be brewers' yeast or id it could be any other powdered yeast in a bag? The way I understood it was that all you're doing is reviving the yeast and keeping it alive. Shouldn't this work with any kind of yeast?

    Thanx, cloudnin420
  2. Yes you can use any kind of yeast. It's how you distribute the byproduct (co2) to your plants that counts.

    If you were to take a small pan mix yeast, sugar & water together and let it sit in the open air you may get one day's worth of co2 out of it.

    Here's what I do to prolong this process.

    I take a 1 gallon milk jug and I've rigged a length of soft tubing into the screw on lid. I run the tubing directly over my plants (co2 is heavier than regular air and will sink onto the plants). I take a tack and put small holes on the underside of the tubing for the co2 to fall out of. Cover the other end of the tube w/ tape.

    Then I mix up two small packets of yeast (about 50 cents) w/ tap water as hot as you can make it. This activates the yeast from it's dormant state in the package. Then I add 1/4 cup of sugar. Put the lid on and let it go.

    I usually get 2 weeks worth of co2 from this set up. How to tell if you still have co2? Take a pice of tape and cover the small holes in the tube and put a balloon on the end, if it starts to expand you got co2.

    Hope that helps!
  3. Hey thanks for the info about the yeast. One question though. The only packages of yeast I could get are 11 grams, the package says mix one package to 6 gallons of water. I would like to use your gallon milk jug idea, but if I fill that jug up 2/3 or so, how would I have any idea how much yeast to use?

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  4. I'm assuming an 11g package of yeast is just one of those small packets that didn't cost much (like 50 cents). You're going to want to dump the whole thing in the one gallon jug. I usually go w/ two packs + 1/4 cup sugar. But now I wised up and buy the larger containers (about $4) and put like two tblsp. & 1/4 cup.

    The life cycle of yeast is eat some sugar, poop out some co2 and die...then settle to the bottom of the jug and smell like freshly puked beer, until flushed. Well that's the life cycle of the yeast I buy.

    If you don't put enough yeast in the mixture you won't get a decent amount of co2, same thing w/ the sugar.

    If you experiment w/ the balloon thing you'll find the right mixture that you'll be happy with!

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