Co2 on Flowering plants but different stages.....

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  1. I have a flowering room in which a couple of plants come in and go alongside other plants that have been there for a few weeks (like 4-6 weeks).

    My question is, from what I have read and heard in research and people's opinion is that give the flowering plants Co2 in weeks 2 and 3 and that is all.

    Since I have plants in week 2 now and the other plants in that room are week 7, will it hurt those other plants, should I move these plants further from the week 7 plants, or should I not Co2 in this room since plants are in different stages in this room?
  2. I have a CO2 monitor, I try to keep the PPM of the CO2 near 1500 when the temperature is at least 80°F. The plant must be "sweating", which opens the pores under the leaves which allow it to take in the CO2 to be benfitial. If the room isn't 80°F - it just not going to do as well as it should, because they are not sweating, preventing the CO2 absorption.

    Keep an eye on the temps, don't allow it to get too hot, or that could create its own set of problems.

    I start pumping CO2 after the plants have ajdusted to the light flip, usually about week 2 I'll start filling the room with CO2, all the way until the final flush.

    Ill clear the air in the room every 90 minutes usually, just to keep fresh air in the room. The plants appreciate it. Good luck!

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  3. I personally don't think CO2 does much for the plant unless EVERY OTHER "limiting factor" is maxed out....which 90% of the time, growes don't .02
  4. According to my co2 meter, co2 bags do nothing in a vented tent.
    Your tent must be close to air tight if you're using co2.
    Otherwise the exhaust fan sucks it out immediately.

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