Co2 & Nutes to increase yields

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bxzilla, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Most seed companies say how much a certain strain yields per square meter, thats excluding co2,

    Now if one provides the plant the best nutes, co2, enviromental control ,fresh air, 1000w lmetal halide for vegging & 1000w hps for flowering( which i will use) everything possible for better plant growth, how much more can it increase in yeild.

    I am looking at Northern lights and master kush, two high producing indoor strains, they say 500 per square meter, i want to grow at least 80 grams per plant is it possible?
  2. If it's your first grow, plan on 14-28 grams per plant regardless of the equipment unless you plan on vegging for a LONG TIME.

    There are so many variables that go into a garden. Let me ask you a few basic questions.

    You say 1000hps for flowering, what the 1000mh doing while your flowering? Perpetual set up or is it not being used?

    How big is the growing area?

    How many plants per square foot?

    From seed or clone?

    Veg. time?

  3. 5x5 room, 1000w metal halide for 4 weeks, then jumping into hps for 10 weeks in flowering.

    Straight seeds

    20 plants in the 5x5 room
  4. 14-20 grams per plant is realistic. If you make 0 mistakes you can expect a little more. Mess things up at all and you'll pull a little less.


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