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  1. for my most recent grow i started using yeast and sugar mixed with water in a 5 gallong bucket for a co2 boost...its workin great besides the fact that it runs out in about 2 days n im pretty sure most of it is getting wasted...besides that the plants are growing much more rapidly but i was wondering of how to make my methods more effcetive...any suggestions?

  2. I used the buckets for the longest time. I got a c02 electric meter, and even with 5 different 5 gallon yeast containers in a closed area, the co2 ppm was barely 500. You wanna be above 1000 or so, it wasn't cost efficient I just used bottled co2 now
  3. Put a lid on the bucket with an airline through the lid or other tubing to keep the CO2 reaction lasting for a week or longer.
  4. I was looking around and found this. LINK
    I was wondering what you guys think about this since im new to the whole c02 scene. He mentioned it lasts about 30-45 days and he explains how to make it. Hopefully someone can shine some light on this..
  5. Its called a yeast bucket and they're a joke.

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