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  1. Ok everyone, check this out.
    my last co2 thing didn't work out.
    so i invented something better (i might not have been the first to invent it but whatever)
    i could tell that the co2 production in the container of sugar, water, and yeast was strong, stronger than sparkling mineral water but the chemical reaction wasn't strong enough to push the co2 out of the container, so i added an air pump with the end of a tube situated at the bottom of the container which not only stirs up the mixture so i don't have to shake it but it also pushes the co2 out of the other tube which is located right near my plants

    Okay, any criticism?

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  2. What the fuck are you trying to do??? If you just want to use CO2 for some reason just buy some co2 cartridges. If you need food grade, they sell 8g carts, and if you don't, they sell 12g carts for air guns and paintball.
  3. Bacon, just need co2 for photosynthesis, not shooting ppl.
    Unabomb3r, thanks for the star;)
  4. If you think you have a shortage of CO2, you could just burn some simple hydrocarbons. They produce CO2 and water when burned in the presense of oxygen. You can obtain a simple liquid fuel lamp and fill it with commonly available fuels such as isopropyl alcohol, or acetone.

    Isopropyl alcohol:
    2C3H8O + 9O2 --> 6CO2 + 8H2O

    (CH3)2CO + 4 O2 → 3 CO2 + 3 H2O

    As you can see, both of these just make CO2 and water and both are easy to get. You can get large jugs of acetone for use as a solvent, while isopropyl alcohol is usually in smaller quantities.
  5. thanks for the tip. i'll look into getting something like that.
  6. :rolleyes: Trying to mess with chemistry, and not understanding chemistry makes doing the first that much harder.
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    I was wondering when you'd sublimate in here.

    God, what a corny joke. :p
  8. Want CO2 with plants...easy just visit your plants, your own breath will please them, you may even be pleased, I am .....lololooolo

  9. i lold when i reread his name :p
  10. Geeky jokes are always the funniest.
  11. Prett cool, I must say haven't upgraded to co2 yet. Maybe on 3rd or 4th grow I will try it. See if it is worth the money and time...? Good job mdforeva. +rep yo.

  12. I like the chemistry man:wave:

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