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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by boognar, May 23, 2010.

  1. ive sealed the tent but im doing this without a co2 controller any tips on how i should go about this?

    broke cant afford controller, doing it without 1 period. HELP ME:smoking::wave:
  2. no experience with it, but ive seen a lot of home made co2 setups with the sugar and yeast, maybe that will atleast help I would guess. im setting up a tent now, and debating airflow, verses c02, looking forward to reading some replies...
  3. I can help you with this... Turn you CO2 off and open the exhaust until you can afford a proper controller. I have done it and know what I'm talking in this regard.

    It's ok, I would not listed to anyone telling me this when I first started out.
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  4. Doing so without a controller or a way to measure the PPM in your grow is a waste of c02 and time.
  5. Are you using a tank? solenoid valve setup? There's methods with timers that should give you a good amount of CO2 boost but not put you in burn danger range. You need to provide more details on your setup.

    Some people will also tell you that you can't grow hydro without constantly testing ph and ppm. I also beg to differ. If you can follow a recipe and know what you're starting with it's pretty easy without testing all the time.
  6. I, like Mr. Foreskin, have tried this. At .05 on the regulator, I was on the timer for one minute, twice a day. A controller would be very beneficial in this case.

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  7. Burn danger? Wha??

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