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  1. would appreciate some help with running co2 in a perpetual flower room

    im running (6) 1000's in a 12' x 16' room...the rotation of plants is a month apart where I would fill half the room with new plants to flower... but im not sure how to run the co2 because people say not to use it in the last 2 weeks of the plants life.

    should I run it right thru or will it affect the quality or slow down the ripening?
  2. Personally I use it all the way through because my room is sealed, so it is no co2, or alot of co2 (until I get a user-set meter, or play with timers and guess work). My plants mature within a normal time-frame, and have very healthy tric growth.

    However, I have read posts by growers I respect warn that co2 will stunt tric development, can't remember who or I would link to a thread. It may have been Rumpleforeskin, but I'm not sure.

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