CO2 Hydroponic Grow Closet....Feedback Requested

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    I have designed a sealed CO2 Hydroponic grow closet that has both a closed loop and open loop air systems.

    The closet’s outside dimensions are 6’ wide by 3’ deep by 7’ high and divided into two grow rooms. One side is the main grow room and the other sided is for cloning/mother plant. The front will be built using 2x4 lumber and the sides, back, top and bottom will be built using ½’ plywood.

    The open system is used to bring in cool air to cool the grow light and is isolated from the air in grow closet. The closed system is used to filter out the smell from the plants while allowing the air in the closet to be changed out with fresh air using electric controlled dampers.

    I have not built this closet but I plan to do so but I would like to get some feedback from this forum from those that have experience with growing plants in this manner. I would appreciate any feedback that would help me perfect this closet.

    I thank those ahead of time for any helpful feedback.

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  2. Those are some well thought out plans. "Electronically controlled dampers." that's pretty sweet man. I def want to see this after it is built, and running. What size light are you planning on running?

  3. I plan to use a 400W setup to grow one plant with a SOG method. Something similar to this picture from the "How to Build a Bubble Bucket" post.

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