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  1. ok i have a paintball air tank and i read people use them to flower, how the heck do they do it. what parts do i need and where do i get it thanks
  2. How large is the tank? If it's something like a 20oz tank, you may need to go with something bigger. Maybe you could rig something up, but I have no experience with that. People tend to use a 10 or 20 pound tank. There's several ways you can set your co2 up, one way would be to get a regulator with an electronic solinoid and put it on a timer to fill up your grow room. You could, for example, set the flow rate to be somewhat low, and have the tank come on for 3 minutes every hour or whatever. With a few calculations you could get your co2 to be fairly accurate with a timer I think.

    There are also all kinds of fancy co2 controllers. You can set a ppm level, and the control will turn the co2 on and off to keep the level right around what you set it to. There little jobbers can get expensive if you buy a store-bought one (starting around $300 for generic).
  3. Depending on your set up you paint ball tank will be pretty tiny compared to a 20lb co2 tank.

    You need a co2 tank


    A regulator


    Recycling Timer


    So once you have those here's the formula to figure out how much co2 you need to run

    LxWxH (room dimensions x(times by) .0012 /(divided by) 5 or 10 or 20 (Setting on the regulator) x (times by) 60 (60 min in an hour) = how many minutes in an hour your regulator would run to fill the room up to 1200ppm of co2

    So if we have a room 10x4x7

    10x4x7 x .0012 / 5 x 60 = 4.03

    So with a setting on 5 on the regulator, the regulator would have to be on for 4 min per hour to acheive aprox 1200ppm in the room. You could take that and have the time run for 1 min evey 15 min.
  4. damm thats a little too much lol but thanks guys for the responses

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