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co2 hash questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by shaggish, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. I have been researching different "waxes" and i've noticed most co2 wax is rocky or chunky and butane is more like an oil? Is this always the case? I've seen some really oily (like vegetable oil almost) hash and the guy was claiming it was co2...does this sound plausible?

  2. Hardly. When making CO2 wax there is always a honeycomb effect because of the excess carbon dioxide evaporating off. It you wanted to, and I don't know why you would, you could melt the wax down, heat it slightly, whip it, and end up with a oil like end product. People who smoke concentrates regularly or extract it themselves know that the only difference is the consistency and how stable the final product would be. If it was like vegetable oil I doubt it was legitimate CO2, probably just some UN-purged carcinogenic bho. (Emphasis on the "un", purged bho is delicious!) Anytime, sir.
  3. The CO2 extract should be more pure and should look a little different, but I wouldnt rule it out. Both extracts use nonpolar solvents which will target the same compounds, super critical CO2 will just do a better job of only extracting super nonpolar molecules.
  4. i dont know if this helps at all but this is the "suspect" product


    it's like jelly, gave me the worst cotton mouth of my life, like it seriously felt like my cheeks were coated in olive oil.
  5. That does look a little bit like BHO extract, but either way man, its gonna get you fuckin lit and itll be good so I wouldnt worry.
  6. no. actually i didnt smoke for a week (a full 7 days, dont know if ive ever taken a longer break, got sick) that crap was the first thing i smoked and....NO HIGH, just cotton mouth
  7. Then there is something bogus there. If youre not getting high, something wrong with that.... If you know the guy id try to get your money back or something...
  8. i didnt pay for it but i've declined to smoke it since and now the guy pushing it off on people is mad at me for questioning what it is

    it looks a lot like the vegetable glycol videos i've seen on youtube
  9. Def shit. It doesn't make sense because that looks pretty amber but watery, like
    It was a second or third run, so I would call bs.
  10. Don't let it discourse you! Get a quarter, a turkey baster, and some high quality butane and run that shit.

  11. You use a plastic turkey baster for your BHO extractions? How wells that work?
  12. A stainless steel one actually. It's the most common extraction tube minus a custom blown one. I hope you weren't being sarcastic.
  13. Okay I checked out a dispensary in town who advertised CO2 blown oil. I checked it out (visually) and it was a very neon/amber color and VERY thin -like vegetable oil consistency. It had NO trapped bubbles in it and it smelled very light and fresh weed. There was no test information available for it so I don't know how strong it is. I'm curious to try it, but I am suspicious because all the pictures I have ever seen in magazines show CO2 extracted hash as being very light -almost white....so the jury is still out on whether the stuff I have access to is real or if it's something else.

  14. Wasnt sarcastic. Ive been thinking of doing this, but I havent settled on the column yet.
  15. i bought a glass extractor on ebay for like $30 works fine for BHO

  16. Can you send a link?
  17. If the oil is runny, no matter what the extraction, it must have some solvent still in it and as Co2 and Butane evap below room temp I would suspect you got ISO Hash or somthing. Or possibly ISO is added to the extract after the process to make it more workable.

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