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  1. Ok I would link some pics but my friend who thought of this wont let me in with a cammera.... (paranoid) anyways he has a 8 stage setup with all the usual germ hydro cloning the works but his crown jewel I think is a setup he has made. Picture this A growing plant with a 2 stage light setup, sodium HD bulbs the ultraviolets and the "reds" (forgot true name) over a VERRY large clear plastic bag. in the plastic bag he has a plant. there aer tubes leading to this bag. 1 tube is a "IV" for the soil that slowly drips a constant premix of chems for the plant, a vaporizer (the kind u get for ur kid when thay are sick) a suction tube (slow flow) leading to the outside and last but not least he has a hose that is feeding a constant airflow (Regular air) and a Co2 bottle just barely cracked open on a paintball slave line kit. THIS is genious....... just thought id share this for anyone that likes crazy crap like this.
  2. does he have a co2 tester?

    and frankly it sounds more like a botany experement than a grow. seems like overkill. which brings me to the original point, if he doesnt have a co2 tester, ur air could be so outta wack that he's doing more harm than good. when u start screwing around that much, ur gonna run into some problems that lowtech outside air doesnt have.
  3. I did that, barely cranking open the tank giving off just s small Ffffffttttt.

    and my tank was 20 pound tank and that would finish within 2 hours.

    Continuously is BS if you ask me coz that would mean i would have to refil every 2 hours at 20 bucks a refill.
  4. In addition, if the plant was in a bag, and constant feeding of Co2 (which is heavier than air) the bottom of the bag will fill up with co2 covering the entire pot and the top of the soil and this is a BIG NONO! for root development... co2 is to fall on the leafs alone and not stay over the pot.
  5. atm co2 =400ppm.
    so if u always vent, u should remain @ around that #.

    1500ppm is about the max co2 that terrestrial plants can handle. after this #, its useless to the plant and ur just burning $$$.

    4000ppm and over starts to cause co2 poisoning. its not difficult to get to that #, ive done it.
  6. fyi, aquatic plants like algae and such can handle 13000000ppm and over.
  7. You really should pump 1500ppm into the room, and depending on room size and amount of plants tehre is a calculation of how fast its used up, then the timer shuld again fill the room to 1500ppm...

    Actually if you have the correct setup the co2 monitor will maintain the 1500ppm in the room.

    but simply turning it on a little and leaving it is Stupid and Expensive.
  8. i have a co2 tester. its amazing how rapid the # goes up and down.

    if someone does not have a tester, dont even bother with co2, just vent.

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