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  1. hey guys correct me if i am wrong but cant we use a small propane lantern to generate co2 for a very small grow room ???? its pretty much the same thing isnt it ???
  2. You need a BLUE FLAME to create co2. I don't believe a lantern achieves that. I could be wrong, but it seems to me a lantern is more of a white flame.
  3. very good info i think i can make a home made propane co2 generator if thats all it takes hell you can buy the burners seperat for like 20 bucks a piece and build the rest your self it beats spending 500 or more for one

    hell you could build a protectiv cover for a propane torch there is your bluse flame
  4. Yeah, and if you mess up you can count on your local fire department to help put out your house and your neighbor's home. They are well trained, no worries.
  5. yeah, what rumple said.

    save your money. It's only 140ish dollars for a 20lbs tank, and 10-20 USD to fill it up.

    Just build up your growroom/box. This is my first grow and I won't be using Co2. But you can bet your ass in a harvest or two I'll be investing in one!
  6. Can you use a used oxgen tank and regulator for Co2? Can you fill the tank with co2 if it's a oxygen tank?
  7. Sorry, no one will fill your O2 tank with anything but O2. The fittings are not the same. Most gas tanks have their own fittings so mistakes cant be bade. You can get Argon put in your CO2 tank but that about it.
  8. Thats funny you were just recommended to me earlier this evening. Thanks for the info saved me some $$.
  9. Just drink canned soft drinks. Every time you open one it releases CO2 continuously until it goes flat. If you don't drink them, just open one up one or two times a day in your grow room. Plus, you are a CO2 generator. Propane tank would also result in uncontrollable humidity and extreme fire danger. When things burn they release CO2 plus H2O. Carbonated drinks release only CO2 when opened because they are moving toward equilibrium after being exposed to the new atmospheric pressure. The psst you hear when opening the can is CO2 escaping.
  10. Dont rock propane unless you are using it for another reason and the c02 is a second benefit. Like others said rock a c02 tank or maybe try another method.... i pulled 5 0z per plant using tons of lst.
  11. Did you add the lst to your plant food?


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