Co2 from soda water?

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  1. I was just wondering of a very easy way to give my plants some co2....i don't want to go the extremes of the vinegar drip into baking soda or pissing in a bottle with sugar and chances are it's allready widely done or something...but for me this was a stoner brainstorm.....what if i water the plants with soda water.....co2 in the water would soak to the roots.....i was going to use a bottle of gas from work to supply co2....however it is ferromax, which replaced coogar....coogar was a mixture of carbon dioxide, oxygen and argon.....however i know that argon is heavier than air and it would sit at the bottom of the grow room...i have no idea of the effects on argon the plants?? will the soda water work or should i just burn another bowl and go back to the drawing board??.....Peace out...Sid
  2. ummm i don't know, ... now ya got me thinking.
  3. Yeah i kinda stumped myself as mean it's just water with co2 in it....but i don't know if the roots will like it as co2 is usually consumed from the leaves......but then again i only recently found out some growers like using hydrogen peroxide to supply oxygen to the root i though, hell maybe this would work.....but i'm 4 weeks into flowering and really don't want to experiment if it's gonna hurt it......maybe better tried by someone with more plants...i've only got 2 on the go at the moment as 2 turned out male or i would just try it......where's woody when you need him to try something wouldn't miss a bit of damage to one plant in the name of science and experimentation........Peace out...Sid
  4. yeah i figured someone else would say something, grrrr. Ya know i think it would work, maybe not all that great but i don't see it hurting the plants.
  5. This idea sounds interesting enough to look further into. Anyone try it yet? Phyll
  6. what if you just open and put it into a cup and sit it iin your grow room like you do a cup of water for humidity shouldnt the co2 leave the soda and go to the plants then you probabtlt could water the plants with the water... maybeeeee
  7. uuummmmmmmmmm.... maybe, ok i got not way to the store, ... but i'll try it on my plants, i got lil ones that my dad keeps smoking the leafs off, sooo i just need to get my ass to the store.
  8. I've always wanted to get some professional CO2 equipment, i plan to invest a lot of money into growing my plants over time. It's going to be a while before i get co2 equipment though.
  9. Most people who have a small place to grow is where supplemental CO2 is most beneficial, it's usually way too hot in small grow rooms, due to lights, right? I posted the article on producing CO2, via sugar, yeast and water(not piss) this is a very cheap way to produce or rather suppliment your room with additional CO2 for peanuts, and it does work.
    I have used this method for several grows, I just place 2 or 3 one litre bottles throughout my room and with the help of fans the air is constantly circulating, only it contains elevated levels of CO2. I wish I could tell you I invented this method, but, needless to say, I read about it, tried it, and liked what it did for my plants. Try it you'll like it. And if your going to use Seltza water just lightly mist your plants, not drench em. No soda pop.
  10. Everyone gets so worked up over the Co2 issue. Here is a simple solution to the problem (i have been doing it for years). Mix one part soda water with two parts beer and soak the mix up with a sponge. Place the sponge on a plate near your fan or just near the plants. Plants grow nice and healthy, I dont even have to use nutes during vegetation.
  11. IM thinkin you might be a little mixed up----------
    why r you trying to put Co2 to your ROOTS????
    your roots mine for oxygen-----the reason people put hydrogenperoxide in their water ???
    the way i inderstand it the peroxide(H2o2) carries an EXTRA oxygen molecule that releases and is consumed more readily.......

    i think what you need to do is search for a way to enrich your AIR not WATER.....
    seems like you have alot of recipies to do that posted here .................
    get what you can from these forums but always try n go with whatever ends up working best....

  12. I read in cannabis culture about the benefits of foliar feeding with carbonated water. We have a machine at work that does it, I'll be picking up a gallon or so every week and be trying it with my grow :)
  13. I've heard of this before. You can spray the plants with seltzer water, careful not to spray your light, and the plants will take in the additional CO2. The guide I read this in said to be sure to use only seltzer, not club soda or the like due to the additional salts that are in club soda. Seltzer is just pure water with CO2.
  14. this thread is super old!:D
  15. Uh im not sure what soda water is but all my friends feed it Carbonated water (sparkling).. like Mendota Springs, all those sparkly kinds, you can just buy packs of em at the grocery store. that supplied some good Co2 plus we hotboxed the grow room that provides lots of co2
  16. When the pressure is released fom the spray bottle, after a couple hours, will there still be CO2 in the water or will it become airbourn?

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