CO2 + Fans = Bad?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by RaZoR_2004, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. Im using the Yeast, Sugar, Water method of CO2 and i was wondering if having a computer fan blowing on the plants will blow the CO2 away?

    The plants are about 5 days old from sprouting above the soil, 7-8days from dry seed. about 4-5cm tall and the CO2 is delivered by a hose that is above the plants, the fans are about 15-25cm away from plants. The mix is in a 4L ice cream container with 2 approx 20-30cm hoses.

    Grow space is a cupboard about 5ft h,
    6ft w, 2 1/2 ft deep.

    Soil is: Brunnings seedling raising mix in 5 Litre pots..

    Lights are: 2 4' 36W flouros, 1 11W CF (60W Output) 1 18W 2' flouro, 1 18W CF (100W Output)

    Fans are, 1 4cm, 2 6cm, all 12V. :

    Seeds are: Bad Ass Berry is the biggest and is 1 day older and is just under the 2 4' ers atm but it did have the 18W cf (100W) and has the smaller fan blowin on it. the KC33 x Kush x Orange Spice has a bigger fan and is a fair bit smaller, has the 2 4' ers the 2'er and the 2 cfs. ( i just gave it the 18W (100W) a little while ago to give it more light for a bit. They both have purplish stems getting more purple every day and are looking very healthy and grow by the day....
  2. CO2 is not a cheap commodity. Your plant will take the biggest benefit from co2 application if you use it during the light cycle through the flowering stage.
  3. The plant will grab the gas as it passes through the leaves. A lot will be lost to ventilation, but since venting is more important than CO2 enhancement, it's a fair trade in my opinion. Also, some studies show that it is still in play for a period after the light are out. As for using it during flowering, some studies suggest that excess CO2 may hinder flower production.
  4. Hey razor, let me know your specs on your co2 method as i saw it once wanted to make it and forgot. i take it your using the milk gallon method or give me the link where you got it......
    ty man
  5. Try that link again, I have fixed the ERROR!!

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