Co2 Enrichment via Yeast and Sugar Solution: works?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by infiniteawesome, May 3, 2006.

  1. Hey, my roomie uses co2 enrichment for his aquariums. We have a debate going on as to whether or not it is beneficial for a small grow. I was reading on wikipedia's cannabis cultivation definition that it is a viable method, but the problem is is that we don't know if the co2 would stay within the air long enough to be of any benefit. Thoughts?
  2. I'm not sure of how well it works, but I will be trying it this grow starting in about 2 weeks when my first set of plants get a little bigger. Just try to use the largest container you can to fit more yeast and more sugar. how enclosed is your grow area?
  3. I found it to be a waste of time compared to a real CO2 system. I didn't see much improvement of yield and it seemed to attract bugs. It's been a long while since I've done it though. CO2 systems aren't THAT expensive, and are way less trouble.
  4. i'll be doing a micro scrogging soil grow under a 150 watt hps in a 1.5 x 1.5 x2.5 foot box modeled after an old overgrow journal by a poster named MrE.

    here's the cached link:

    the only thing is I want to use co2 enrichment to solve some heating problems that might occur. I have other solutions that would make the plants slightly more resistant to heat (cooled water from the fridge, large fans, etc.) but I figure co2 would be a good addition. Problem is I'm limited on space (hence microscrogging) and a tank of co2 plus a regulator would be a touch too large for my living space. In addition, my investment costs prevent me from purchasing the regulator, which I believe is somewhat expensive (trying to keep the grow under 200 dollars since my yield will be particularly small).
  5. HIGH All, I'd use it if my room was big enough...haveing a small area is not really worth it. imo.
  6. unoit, I don't know man . . . I mean, co2 is supposed to be particularly good for the plant, even in small amounts . . . Are you guys sure it wouldn't make much of a difference? It just doesn't make sense to me, like I'm really perplexed by this notion that co2 wouldn't affect plant health in this case .. .
  7. HIGH All, my room is 8 x 10 and I don't need Girls do Alright without it. But hey if you want grow for won't hurt. Have to grow...have a great day Bro.
  8. I wouldn't bother.

    CO2 supplimentation is really only needed when you've got so much light and so many nutrients, that the "bottleneck" is CO2. This is rarely the case except in high intensity grow ops that are in a tiny area with no fresh air. As long as you've got fresh air, even a tiny amount, there will be enough CO2.

    That said, it's not going to *hurt* anything if you want to try it. I've done the CO2 method for aquariums before (in an aquarium, not plants), and it's cheap, easy and does produce CO2.

    Also, if you want to "regulate" the CO2, they make these knobs for aquarium air-line tubing that's supposed to be used to adjust the amount of air going through them from an air-pump, but obviously they can also be used to tone down the amount of CO2 being generated. It's not as good as a real regulator, but it costs next to nothing and will help you increase the lifespan of your yeast CO2 generator.
  9. unoit, joint, thanks alot guys. I will give you guys +rep unless I haven't spread it around. But I'll get around to it.
  10. I would tend to disagree with this. When I was limitted to small space, I liked being ably to eek out as much as I could as FAST as I could. CO2 was the answer.
  11. The tank and regulator and all that stay outside your box. The only thing that goes into it is the hose that comes attached to your regulator.

    HERE is an electric solenoid regulator with a power cord and gas hose already hooked up for $130

  12. HIGH All, disagree ll you want Bro....I've been growing for over 20 years and never have used CO2....take a look at some of my pics....I think they do Alright without it. The thing is infiniteawesome is too just have fun...that's what it's All about....but then again some may disagree.

  13. Not disagreing about your plants doing "alright". Are you asserting that NO advantage would come with augmenting CO2? Your plants would not do better AT ALL with more CO2? :confused:

    You can disagree with me that the majority of the Earth is covered with water, but you'd still be wrong;) :D

    I, too, have been growing for many, many years. I also played tennis for several years and I suck bad at tennis. I've also had a mastery of the English language for well beyond 20 years (not telling how many 'beyond' :D ) and still can't spell for shit. Just because you've been doing something for 20 years, doesn't mean that you do it the best way. I can play the cello from now until the day I die and I don't think I'll ever be as good as YoYo Mah, or whatever his name is.

    The cost is negligible when compared to the return. Let's say you have 8 small plants in a SOG. Now let's go conservative and say that CO2 augmentation got you an increase of ONLY 1/4oz. per plant. That's 2 extra ounces. For the personal grower, that's a huge difference in time before running dry. It's also $600 they don't have to spend on bud. For the commercial grower, their sub $600 investment just grossed them an additional $600. They got their equipment for free and can still use it for net profit on all the grows in the future. NO brainer. This doesn't even consider the aspect of increased growth rate.
  14. My question though, for people who *have* used it, is: does it actually help if the room has ventilation? I mean, when I grew underwater plants (a few years ago), I used CO2 because the small tanks of water that the plants were in couldn't hold the amount of CO2 needed for all the plants. However, in that system, the water is recycled and so it quickly loses what CO2 it has and *needs* to be replenished because there's no new source of water. But in a grow room with ventilation, there's fresh air coming in. So my question is, if there's fresh air coming in already, does CO2 help?
  15. I took a 3 liter and poured yeast in it and some sugar and put it in the grow room. 75 watt HPS and two females. Considerable difference in two days. and by considerable difference i mean considerable! trichomes at 2 weeks flower.:D :devious:

    yes it helps even if it has ventilation.... i had a Microwave "squirrel cage" type fan ****** rigged to plug up into the wall and it ventilated extremely well for the size of the box. And perfect lil pinky sized buds at 2 weeks flower with trichomes and a homemade C02 generator made out of yeast and sugar. Lasts almost a month or two.
  16. Go to your local paintball store ( and buy 2 20 ounce CO2 tanks, an air source adapter, and an autococker regulator (cheapest stuff will do)

    Get your tanks filled, then hook everything up (asa screws onto the tank, regulator screws onto the asa)... Then turn the regulator so its a slow release.

    Put in grow room near plants...


    20 ounce CO2- $25-30
    Cocker reg- $30-40
    ASA- $10

  17. HIGH All, ok sorry you are right....For the commercial grower...for someone with his size to grow in....the cost is I don't think is worth's why I don't use it.

    Yes CO2 works...but it's not for some.
  18. It works better with off and on ventilation. My area has cooled bulbs and that air doesn't mingle with the rest. When my area finally gets hot enough, a fan kicks on and the CO2 kicks OFF. The fan runs until the area is cool again and then it kicks OFF and the CO2 kicks back on. I use a controller that does all that automatically and is a real no-brainer.
  19. This confused me. Are you saying it is NOT worth it for the commercial grower?

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