Co2 enrichment system concern.

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  1. Hey, I recently set up my diy co2 enrichment system, Im wondering if there's any danger to myself or others in my house from the co2 fermentation system, I dont have ventilation because the grow room stays at a good temperature. Thanks in advance for answers given.
  2. I seriously doubt it. You'd have to give more info on your setup, the rate of gas production, and the size of the space your are working with (including non grow parts of your home), the number of plants you plan on having in the grow space, etc...

    CO2 msds sheet

    Scroll down to Section 8 where it discusses exposure limits by concentration and time. I seriously doubt you could get your entire home anywhere near dangerous levels, but like I said, we need more info on your specific situation to really know.
  3. Adding co2 will raise your temperatures I assure your brother...

    Gonna have to a run a "closed" exhaust system through your lights...basically pushing air through the hood and out more dutcing (With the ducting running outof the room and some where else like outside..) otherwise you'll exhaust your co2 and waste it
  4. in high levels co2 will displace oxygen in a room and can kill you/family/pets, that is however, very unlikely to happen. youll have to start looking into monitering systems if you think thats a possibility with your set up. add a carbon monoxide detector if your useing a burner just to be on the safe side.there like ten bucks at home depot

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