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CO2 dehumidifier and HEAT.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by topsykrets, May 9, 2009.

  1. I have all of the above and am trying to find an acceptable balance...
    the room will be aproxx 11'X15' co2 enriched with 60 flowering

    in my current room with 38 in veg, after watering the humidity has soared to 85% peak!
    this room is not co2 enriched so I am not worried about venting the dehumidifier out the side.

    but the flower room will be co2 enriched, and I am concerned that a larger room with 50% more plants and 40% more light/heat with a dehumidifier, that the humidity or the heat will skyrocket!

    how do you combat the heat in a sealed room with the dehumidifier? (I am already using air cooled reflectors)
  2. mount your ballasts outside the room, also if your rooms share a wall eg 1 big room divided in half by a wall, time your veg room lights to be off when your bud room lights are turning on, keeps your foundation from heating up. lower wattage dehumidifier is something to look into, my 40 pint dehu is like a space heater its so hot. kinda hard to switch fast but try having your lights turn on only at night. i use 10 pm to 10am for a couple reasons; the meter reader guy has less chance of seeing my E-meter spinning like a top, saves money in summer not running at peak energy use times (5-9pm), and it cooled my rooms by 2 degrees. are you using a co2 burner or solanoid n tank?
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    my ballasts are mounted outside of the room.
    veg and flower rooms are 8feet apart
    co2 is solanoid n tank for the heat reason
    my dehumidifier is a 70 pint.... so I will look into the smaller ones. have you seen/do they make; the small dehumidifiers with a hose drain attachment?

    I might go to a 5pm-5am flower schedule ( i like it for the same reasons you have listed)
  4. You need AC if it's sealed.
  5. you can drill n mount a nipple onto the bottom of your dehu reservoir, attach hose as needed. wose comes to worse get a fan temp controller that has a co2 outlet. set the temp dial to the setting you want the fan to turn on at, if c02 is in operation it will override your temp settings so your co2 isnt sucked out. when your room cools down it turns off. rumples prolly right about the A/C unit, i hate the watts they draw though! He is THE sealed room tek dude to talk to no doubt.
  6. what kind of ac unit will not remove co2 from the room? Im pretty sure that the window units will. and If not using a window unit what is the cost of the specified a/c unit?
  7. I think most AC units cool the air from inside the room (recirculate). The outside air is used to cool the condenser coils but does not come in unless you are using it to make heat. It just looks like its cooling air from outside. Window units will work.
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    what do you mean by "sealed"?

    and what if it isnt "sealed"?

    also will an AC unit cause any isssues as far as outside smell?
  9. In order for most folks to maintain 1600-ppm of CO2 enrichment, the room is sealed and not vented ever. AC is used and the air is just recirculated. If your not venting, then smell outside the grow room should not be a factor.

  10. Not 100% clear on this info so ill just describe my setup and hopefully you can give me your thoughts on that.....

    Using a grow tent with air cooled reflector, reflector is being vented with high powered inline fan charcoal filter combo and being outletted outside. Also have high powered inline fan venting outisde air into grow tent...this vent is also being charcoal filtered.

    Now my question is this...do you feel that it would be safe............rather, can you think of any negative issues i may have by placing an Air condition unit in the window of the room the grow tent is in?
  11. Just wondering. How would you lower humidity in a sealed room? During the day you could use the A/C unit, but what about during lights off? Thanks.
  12. use passive airflow to scrubb air and pull it out of the tent, have that air cooled via ac unit in room window all the while being enriched w/co2 and recirculated back threw the tent
  13. so with an ac unit the need to ventilate outside is eliminated?
  14. Here's the deal guys.

    You either go 100% sealed which requires Co2 enrichment and no fans in or out,just within the room to include a carbon filter,you will need an AC and possibly a dehumidifier s well.

    Or,you go Co2 enriched with controlled venting which will turn off the Co2 to vent the heat(the only reason to vent in this situation)

    lastly you could go traditional with venting continuously to exhaust heat and replace the needed Co2.

    A good CF is required in all three rooms.

    The wall AC units can leak 5-20%(which can be improved upon)as can the twin tube port.AC units(which is the best for sealed rooms unless a wall unit is possible),Single tube portable AC units are poor choices for sealed rooms because they have only one hot exhaust output which will draw out the Co2.

    If a single tube port AC unit is used with Co2 it must be synchronized to run,cool and exhaust the hot condenser air while the Co2 is off.

    My new sealed tent (4x8)is inside a room(10x10)using H2o cooled lighting and air cooled as well which draws outside tent air through the lights then pushed into the AC and out the tent in a closed loop.

    Co2 burner runs at 1600ppm during the 12 hr lighting period.

    This way i have 100% control of the tent inside the room,btw 1600ppm sealed rooms run at 86F. for optimum growing conditions.

    Remember*****when using any AC on a timer you must use an analog unit which will turn on and off when power is added and lost through the timer,digital/electronic units will only work on their own while always being under full power.;)
  15. thank you for clarifing that.

    Will smell become an issue In a C02 controlled venting set up when fans are off?

    If so are you aware of any offsets to this issue?
  16. not if your room is sealed. becuase no air is being pushed in, no air will be coming out the seams and cracks of the tent.
  17. That would depend on how well the room is sealed and if the venting ducts have sealed doors on them.

    Other options are to have the CF scrubbing 24/7 in the room alone and the venting another system,or a combo of the two using tees and one way check-valves on some vents or a valve which makes a closed loop back into the room till it needs cooling then opens another gate allowing the hot air out.

    There are MANY options here and you are only limited to your own thinking.

    If the right sized fan and CF are used 99% of smell is eliminated,using a system which scrubs the rooms air then goes through the light and out the room to a tee with a motorized flap(closed it could be recirculating/cooling the light and scrubbing the air back into the room 24/7) till a themostat set to a higher temp opens the motorized flap exhausting the air out and turning on the intake fan facilitating the removal of hot room air out of the room and still scrubbed clean.

    A speed controller on the exhaust fan could be set to move the right amt. of air volume based on the time of year and the ambient air temps.

    As you can see the options are not limited.;)

    I don't understand your last comment.
  18. He was referring to the Co2 and venting room.;)
  19. guys i need a question answered that kinda goes with this..i am not using CO2 but need to buy a window a/c to cool of m room since it's hard to keep it below 82..i can get it lower with lights off of course!...I have been running my Central Air for the current time but this is way to costly and am wondering if i buy a window a/c can i use it in the room? and not in the window? i have aircooled light and want to run the outvent from light to invent of a/c to cool off the hot air. is this a good idea?..I plan on getting a 4.5X4.5X7 grow tent in the next week or two but money is tight right now and i need to do something right now to help! can someone point me inn the right direction?
  20. Using a window mount AC in a room will have it's own set of problems.

    These are heavy and awkward and will need to drip off condensed moisture too.

    They typically have an inside which has an intake and then the main vents blow cold air,this is the part of the system we use and see.

    They also have an "outside" which has a fan blowing across the hot condenser then this hot air just blends into the outside environment.

    The only real way to use these is put it on a cart with wheels and duct it well to the outside and hope it is internally sealed well.

    I have a tent inside a room and after allot of debating i went with a 12000BTU portable twin tube AC which has two five inch ducts(six feet long each) which is looped into my lights with a 4" vortex can fan to exhaust all hot air out of the tent(both lights heat and the AC's heat too).

    The AC cycles as needed and i also have a Co2 burner as well.

    BTW,using Co2 at 1500ppm you may never need an AC as the rooms ideal temps neeed to be 86F. with Co2 while 76F. is best w/o additional Co2.

    Loop your AC-ed light in and out of the tent,add Co2 and add a CF in the tent with a can fan on top running 24/7.

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