CO2 Cost Free Generator (PATENT PENDING :))

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by GrassCharles, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. I had a prototype idea about constructing a Maintenance free-Cost Free CO2 Generator and i would like your opinions.

    Imagine a growing room split in two parts. Part A and Part B.
    Part A hosts normal kinds of plants (NOT WEED) with a normal configuration .. HPS Lamp, air intake, etc etc...

    Part B hosts "The Other Kind" of plants. 1,2 or as many can fit in the chamber and match your space and light config.

    Part B Has 1 Active Air Outtake and 1-2 Holes sucking air from room A for Air Intake.

    When light(s) are ON in room A are TURNED OFF in room B and vice versa.

    It is common knowledge that plants inhale CO2 during Photosynthesis stage and exhale CO2 during night (rest time)

    So instead of using normal air for the plants all you have to do is to slowly suck air from the DARK room and enrich the Light Active room with CO2.

    would it work ?

    blueprints to follow!! :)
  2. plants breath out a lot less co2 than they take in. the "surply" chamber wud have to b huge.

    get a little gas fire that runs on butane or propane, 2nd hand they cost very little and give off loads of co2, all a co2 genarator does is burn propane. ur only prob then is heat but its still gonna b a lot easyer than turning over more than half ur growing space to get a small% increaase in yeald.

    y not just grow 2 rooms full of dope?
  3. maybes he's trying to be sneaky.

    I'm very sneaky like that sir

    sneaky sneaky sir
  4. is it christmass allready? f me i must of bin stoned a long time. like the pic tho.

    how is having 2 rooms sneaky? or am i missing the point, i do do that sometimes.
  5. You know one room with real plants and the other room hiding off so you could only see the legel plants.
  6. oh yeah i get it..

    it still wudnt work tho.

    5 gallon bucket of water
    1 pound bag of sugar
    brewers yeast

    fill bucket with water
    pour in sugar
    add yeast

    Bada-bing-bada-boom, instat CO2 and lots of it!

    After a week the alcohol content in the water will kill the yeast so start over with fresh water.
  8. bada-bing-bada-boom your grow room smells like shit....... LOL.... idea is sound and true in fact, you forgot to mention that after a week or even 4 hours of the yeast reacting the overwhelming funk of the yeast has covered your grow room

  9. PMPL....

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