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  1. Hello guys, although my first grow ended recently and i was planning to start a new one after about 2 months, i have decided that i can't wait so long, i am eager to start a new grow as soon as possible! But unfortunately i cannot use the equipment i had for my previous grow because it is not so stealthy:(.

    I had a growtent(secret jardin dr90) which is too large to be stealth in my bedroom where i previously had it. So, i thought, what is stealthier than a nice wardrobe that i could have in my room?:p. Instead of using 400w that i used for my previous grow, i would like to use an HPS250w lamp. At the beginning i was planning on buying the lamp kit,a cooltube, two extractor fans and a carbon filter(i believe these are the basics).

    But because this stuff is going to cost me about 500$, and because my budget suffers a bit(fucking crisis)i thought i could avoid some extra costs by using a co2 boost Co2 Boost, 99.00€. Then i would not really need an exhaust fan right? And because i would need temperatures of about 85F for the co2 thing to work right, i would not possibly need the cooltube and the fan that goes with the cooltube, isn't that correct?(It gets a bit cold here so without using a cooltube with the 250W HPS i believe it would be possible to achieve temperatures of about 85F).

    I have read mixed opinions about the co2 boost, and besides that i could use something like this for growing with co2 ExHale CO2 Bags. For a small project like mine, what do you think, would this work?

    What would you guys do? I would really like to know your thought about this subject. Thanks in advance fellow growers!!:hello:
  2. I would not waste my money .I do not think CO will make any difference in such small gro up, plus how do you plan to maintain the correct CO PPM level in the air??? Exactly....
  3. You are right my friend, i reconsidered my thoughts(i was stoned when i thought about this:p) and did not find it such a good idea. These things haven't been proven to work as they should, i searched it a bit more and found out that the only solution to grow right with co2 is a co2 generator which is a bit expensive:eek:.

    So what can i do, i will buy just a lamp kit for now, an exhaust fan and i am going to make my own carbon filter, it does not seem so difficult to make one. I am going to test it in the wardrobe i am going to buy and if i find that temps are way off the right range i am going to buy another exhaust fan, so that i use different fan for cooling the light and different fan for the ventilation of my growbox. I believe 250w will be more than enough for 2 babies, and i am going to lst or fim them after i read some more about these techniques. Money and more money, i wish i was able to start a new grow with the equipment i already have, seems like i got addicted to growing:p

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