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  1. I never understood how adding CO2 to the air could work if you were giving good ventilation to the room or box. For me, high temperature and humidity are huge issues so I have fans running constantly and I figure any extra CO2 is going right out the exhaust. I think I saw Ed Rosenthal say that you could water with carbonated water (seltzer) and get the same effect - never tried it though.

    Of course, it helps to get up close and stare at the plants for hours too. All that exhaling has to go somewhere.
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    Actually I'm trying the 1 cup of sugar, 1 package of yeast, and water filled halfway up a bottle (I'm using a spray bottle)...I just have it sitting in the back of my grow, I shake it up every once in awhile and release the gas...the yeast just eat that sugar up, especially early on during the fermentation, but it can last a solid month and a half or more if you just shake it up. I had all the stuff, since I brew beer I had some really good yeast, but I just used regular bread yeast and I felt like it did the same, beer yeast however would eat that shit up with way more than bread yeast...need a much bigger bottle though.

    I haven't really noticed any difference, this grow is kind of new for me anyways since I've upgraded to a tent over a pretty small cab. The link to my grow is in my sig. below, if you want you can check out the pics on my last post, the back left corner of the tent is where my diy co2 bottle is.

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