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  1. I have a large cylinder of co2 and no regulator or hose, could I just blast the room for a few seconds? Would it help at all?
  2. How to Use CO2 to Increase Cannabis Yields! | Grow Weed Easy
    It needs to be regulated to 1500 PPM and used under high heat and very intense lights MH-HPS.
    Day after day, week after week. All through veg and well into flower.
    Sealed room stuff.
    A one time unregulated shot isn't going to do much if anything.

    Entering a high C02 space can be dangerous if you don't know the concentration or be wearing self contained breathing gear.
    Be carful with C02 in closed spaces as it can be fatal.
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  3. Thanks man, I’ll just buy the appropriate gear for this baby and see what happens!!
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    The high heat thing is an old bro-science myth. CO2 enrichment will allow you to grow despite high temps, but in no way requires them. Funny how we get stuff twisted. You will have to install recirculating AC and seal your room to be effective. A regulator and digital controller is a must to have any measurable yield increase.
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  5. So a sealed room is required? Is there any equipment I can purchase that applies the co2 like right above the plants regardless of sealed room? Because it won’t be a sealed area
  6. As soon as the exhaust cycles, it will be all done in 3 seconds, back to normal. In order to benefit it needs to be maintained at a minimum of 1500 PPM the whole time the lamp is on. I keep mine at 2K.

    Putting it on your plants for a few minutes or even an hour is 100% pure waste of time.
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  7. Ok thank you
  8. spraying the co2 will do nothing. it will just leak out. now if you can have co2 injected into your garden at a steady pace it will increase your yield speed up seeds speed up veg . it will shave about 3 weeks off your total process.
    you really need to read about temps on co2 to get a straight answer. i am no going to spend hours saying 1 thing or the other so somebody can say i am full of shit. but yes temps and co2 do play a major role.
    for how high the ppm are most people go by what people at the stores or internet say they set it at a base rate common is 1500. this will save co2 . depending on your setup and how you inject it around here we use a co2 burner we can make co2 for pennies. its injected @ 3500 ppm major difference. please do not send a debate i do not care wtf you think. we have tested both methods 1500vs3500. the 3500 in my opinion only if you can get co2 with a burner is the best. you can see plants grow an entire inch or more in 12 hours.
    there is a msds chart of how much co2 we can stay in with out harm . some rooms with many people the co2 has been measured up to 10k . higher then 10 k in the study is a life threat . so you could spray the hell out of your co2 all day and night it may never build up leaking out of the house.
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  9. Years just having sex in my bed room got co2 levels to 2400. That shit pissed me off I returned that shit asap. If you sleep in grow room. You make enough co2.
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