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    I have a Secret Jardin DS60 set up in a small closet that I plan to run with (6) 42w cfl light bulbs on 2 plants this winter. My biggest roadblock right now is figuring out how to ventilate this tent without making holes in the wall. I was wondering if these myco2 reishi mushroom bags would suffice in providing my plants with a supply of co2? The plants will be in a fairly cold room (but should be up to temp inside the tent due to the lights/insulation) so i'm a little weary about adding a fan. I don't think humidity will be a problem for me this winter but please correct me if i'm wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm currently struggling with MS and this will be my first time growing indoors so please bare with me.

  2. I have no clue about the bags man.  You say your weary about a fan. But i strongly, strongly suggest getting yourself a fan.  Since you say your only growing two plants, id say getting one of those small little fans to clamp on something or one that can just sit somewhere.  They are extremely overpriced for what they are.  Those little fans are aroun 25-30 bucks which is stupid imo.
    But the reason for this is just to keep the air moving around a little bit and to keep the leaves and branches moving.  This makes it harder for spider mites to live on the leaves and cuts down the chance of getting any kind of fungus.  Trust me you DO NOT want spider mites!
    Anyways man GL on your grow! I hope that your bud helps you with your MS.  A lot of the bud i grow goes to my sister that is dealing with MS.
    Also i suggest the strain Lemon Skunk if you can get your hands on it.  Its mainly a sativa dominant hybrid.  It may be different for you but my sister says it works wonders for her.
  3. Oscillating fan is preferred that way it's always changing which produces a much sturdier main stalk
  4. Thank you Boondock and krankitup05, I think i'm going to get a bathroom exhaust fan and just circulate the air between the tent and the outside room. I actually only grow one strain,it's a cross between the rotten pineapple c-99 pheno and a high cbd/low thc indica that's been perfect for the pain and stiffness.
  5. Fan is enough. I have considered using dry ice in a bucket of warm water and letting the ventilation fan draw it in. Not an issue for since the temps are around 72-82 and humidity is between 50-65. normally at 56%

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