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  1. Looking for advise/opinions on putting carbon filter on a timer or schedule, so I can run co2. I have the sentinel evc-2 and the tank and valve, just need the co2 monitor you can see my set-up here my questions are

    1) will exhausting on a "schedule" give me any issues with air quality? The tent uses passive intakes when the fan filter is on.

    2) how bad will odor be if I use it this way?

    3) how often should I vent to keep co2 levels up as long as possible while still controlling Oder.

    4) is there a better way to set this up?

    Having never grown before I assume the carbon filter really comes into play during flowering and not much during veg, but I don't know for sure.

    I will be running a 18 6 light cycle and only co2 with lights on.

    Thanks so much
  2. I've always wanted to try a CO2 set up but I too have to constantly exhaust with a filter to get rid of odors, so with that I don't use CO2. I haven't thought about putting a fan on a timer to let the CO2 settle in but the question is how long does the CO2 need to remain in the room to take effect, 15 min, 30, 1 hour, etc? I feel like this is gonna be a trial and error operation for you. Smell determines how smelly your strain is, Northern Lights is a low odor strain but anything named Skunk might stink a bit :laughing:. Next is how long till it takes for the odor to travel out of the tent.

    Are you flowering right now? Turn off the fan and see how long it takes for the odor to escape.
  3. You need to setup two ventilation systems or install an AC unit in the room. The two system setup is: one fan cools that lamp with "outside the grow room air" the whole time the lamp is on. The other system is hooked to a room thermostat and only runs when the room temps exceeded the max allowed setting. Never put your fan on a schedule.
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    I am not flowering now just getting everything dialed in. Thanks for your reply

    Hey Rumple, I was scoping out you DIY threads... AMAZING such a asset to the community thanks.

    Check out my space any input is truly appreciated

    It looks like you are running co2 in your closet. Yes I have two fans, one is running thru the cooltube and pulls air from outside tent and blows out the other side of tent. Then I have a carbon filter fan combo hooked up also.

    I have been thinking of a plan to put my tent in a "tent" or partitioning of the area where the tent is and enrich the larger tent space and have the small then pull in the enriched air thru the passive vents. The small tent will scrub and exhaust to outside. I'll post a drawing. Will this work?


    So the space around the outside of the tent/grow area will receive the co2 and humidity treatment, and the grow area gets the enrichment as the passive vents pull in air from the "enriched" area. I will run the carbon filter fan to the outside of the building and run it as needed, keeping negative pressure in tent so the enriched air seeps in.

    if this is dumb just say it hahah

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