CO2 and mice

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  1. i wondered if a cage full of mice (or any other small animal) would have a significant impact on CO2 levels in an air tight grow room.

    i know the size of the room would also be a factor, so lets say 8'x8'x8' or 512 sq feet.

    i was having trouble finding anything that gave a number about the amount of CO2 they expire, so i thought i would ask you guys.

    Thanks for the replies
  2. air tight room = dead mice

    or did you not consider this Einstein??

    anyway - even if it wasnt air tight it's a fucking ridiculous idea
  3. yea i don't think the mice would be to happy in a grow room lol. besides you could probably exhale more in 1 deep breath than those little guys could in a week
  4. Having mice in there is more trouble than it's worth. Think about the ammonia fumes from their urine. There may even be risk of diesase to your plants.

    Try putting baking soda in a cup or soomething and pour vinegar into it. The chemical reaction produces CO2 as soon as you pour it, so close up your grow as soon as you can.

    I've been using a CO2 fire extinguisher and lightly letting it off into the passive intake on my cab. I'm not sure how effective it is, but I figured why not test it out.
  5. Someone else just asked within the last week or so about gerbils in the grow room. There must be some article referencing this idea that's started floating around.

    I don't think mice would do much for 512 cubic feet (not square ft), but who the hell knows? It's a totally new idea to me, and I don't know if it is founded or unfounded. But I share some of the other concerns expressed that the mice could suffocate and/or that their urine and feces could put stuff into the air that might be bad for your plants or bad for you when you smoke your plants.
  6. There's a good post floating around on these boards where the OP tests common cheap methods of generating co2. Most of them dont' make any noticible difference. However, the OP makes a good point. People that take the time and effort to add cheapo co2 to their grow like that will generally have better results than people who do not. Not because of the added co2 - but because they tend to put in more time and effort to their grow as a whole.
  7. i should have been more clear about "airtight" i meant a room that wouldn't have passive ventilation. like a curtain for a door, etc.

    there would be ventilation in the room through exhast fans that would kick on when needed.

    thanks, ya i meant cubic feet. was typing too fast.

    didn't think about the ammonia from the urine. probably would have to change the cage everyday.

    it was just an idea i had. i'll be going with a CO2 tank most likely.

    thanks for the replies guys
  8. I can send you bottles of pure mouse breath if you think it will help?

    $10 a 2 litre bottle

  9. :laughing:
  10. Ok, now that is F'n funny!

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