CO2 and bugs

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by RC Flyer, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. If CO2 is used (indoors of course) will this kill any/all/most of the bugs that hamper our growing attempts?
    I am adding CO2 this week, waiting on my regulator to arrive. I don't have a bug problem, maybe because of the weather here. (Dry and hot)!

  2. CO2 is not gonna kill off any bugs, if you were to introduce it in your garden, it would have to be at an extreme concentration which don't think you could ever get to that point.
  3. Thanks, I know that reptile keepers sometimes use CO2 to clear out the bugs from the tank. I think they use quite a lot of it and let it set for an hour or so....
  4. perhaps it could work by displacing the available oxygen away. co2 is not toxic, perhaps it was carbon monoxide which is toxic to humans. On the other hand, carbon dioxide at the concentration you're gonna be having on your grow room is nearly harmless.
  5. But, since i'm no bug expert, i cannot say if it would work or not,
    perhaps bugs are more sensitive when it comes to air quality,
    I know that they used Small canaries on underground mines as early warning for carbon monoxide concentrations, if the bird stopped singing and died it meant that it was not safe to be in there

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