CO2 alternatives, any really work?

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  1. im told CO2 tanks are the best. i've never used any kind of co2 supplement but i hear tanks is the way to go because all other methods don't produce enough CO2 to make it worth the time or money. also with the tanks you have more control of how much is in the room. some one was telling me about these things that look like hockey pucks. you put them in a bucket of water and they dissolve into CO2 and last like 8 hours each. anyone know if these really work or is this just some stupid new thing to attract growers cause it looks cool but a rip off? i hear dry ice also isnt very efficient because the cost. i know some one that says he makes wine and has a valve that releases the pressure into his grow room. seems to me like it wouldnt really be enough. i read adding CO2 is only worth it if your plants are healthy which mine are. i also read you can double or triple your yield with it. i would eventually like to look into getting tanks, but until then, are any alternative methods really worth it? again i have no experience using CO2 for botanical purposes. can some one that does give any advice? thanks!
  2. People that swear by "alternative CO2 methods" don't have a controller that tells them how much CO2 is in the air.

    You need to have over 1000ppm of CO2 in the air to even make a difference, but over 1500ppm is where it's at.

    "Alternative CO2 methods" often don't produce as much CO2 as a human breathing at a normal rate.

    Unfortunately, if you want CO2 in your grow, it's gonna cost some bucks. The controller is vital and will run at least $350 for a very basic one. Some environmental controllers are easily over $1000 for the bad ass ones.

    As for the tanks being the best, I would disagree and say that CO2 generators are the better way, since you don't need a CO2 regulator for it, plus it's easier (imho) to switch out propane tanks than it is to get a CO2 tank refilled. And the generator is gonna run about $350. A tank+regulator is a lil less but still pricey.
  3. for tanks is the controller the same as a regulator? how do they measure ppm, is that with the controller?
    i forgot all about the CO2 generators. i remember reading about those being preferred in high times a while back. so what is this exactly? a generator that just produces CO2? does it produce a lot of heat or is it actually a heater like those portable ones used for ice fishing or hunting? cause my grow tent already is close to being too hot. how do they measure ppm with generators? or do you also use a controller with a generator? thanks man!
  4. A CO2 generator is basically nothing more than a unit that burns off propane to produce CO2, H20, and heat.

    The generator's sole purpose is to burn propane gas in order to produce CO2 and its by-products.

    The regulator (from a CO2 tank) releases CO2 gas from its confinement, the controller lets you know how much CO2 is in the 'ambient' air of the grow space.

    On the plus side, most folk will tell you that the ambient temp of a room can be increased a few degrees F is enough CO2 is used.

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