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CO Pickup Thread--HQ Macro

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Bouldorado, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. #1 Bouldorado, Nov 21, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 21, 2011
    colorado medical, mostly from boulder dispensaries. enjoy :smoke:

    Marilyn Monroe. I

    Super Silver Lemon Haze. S

    North Shore. I

    Tangerine Haze. S

    Trainwreck. S

    Grape Ape. I

    Purple Cotton. I

    Razzleberry. H

    Sensi Star. I

    Thunderflash. S

    Durban Poison. S

    Hong Kong. H

    Homemade BHO. 3g Sensi Star + 2.5g Razzlberry + 2g Durban Poison = .9g oil.[​IMG]

    Homemade BHO. 3g Hong Kong + 4g Kief = 1g oil.
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  2. Hell yea, reppin that 303 hahahahahahahha

    Nice fuckin buds man, im runnin some bho right now, well, i will be in a second here lol

    Whats your favorite dispensary man?
  3. Looking great man. I love Boulder buds. :smoking:

  4. terrapin care station is my favorite so far. prices start at 30/eight for the house strains, which are prob pictured above 4 or 5 times. can't tell the difference between them and a 50 dollar eighth at other places.
  5. holy smokes, you just gave me a dispensary boner.
  6. quality all around man. wonderful oil!
  7. dankness.


    keep doin your thing.
  8. Doing it Bould mannnn.:smoke:
  9. Flo. S

    Bubba Kush. I
  10. That grape ape looks awesome I had that the first time I ever smoked weed... To bad I didn't get high
  11. Goddamn! That bubba kush looks nice. I've had bubba kush and it didn't look like that.
  12. Nice grabs man. Dispensary????

    Boulder rep all around, I'm on my phone but I think I repped you recently either way hahahahahaha

  13. word. these are from Root Organic on 55th and arapahoe. $57 after tax: a rooster coupon got me an eighth for 23 and I got the second knocked down to 30, definitely reasonable. :D
  14. that BHO is beautiful man
  15. damn that bubba kush looks insane..

    fuck it im movin to boulder
  16. damnnnn dat bubba kush! Prob 1 of the nicest pics ive seen on here in a while.
  17. Subbed! Reppin CO...fuck yea

    Can't wait to see more!
  18. Buddha's Sister. I
  19. [quote name='"Bouldorado"']Buddha's Sister. I

    Damn thats looks sexy as fuck! Sativa dominant I would guess from the bud structure. Enjoy that good stuff my friend and keep reppin CO!!

    Check my thread....links in my sig!!!
  20. Picked up some cheap, dank buds I'm gonna hash out. got a half ounce of bud + an ounce of trim for 90 bucks; I fucking love terrapin care station. kept about a gram of each to smoke, the rest is going in the extractor tube for 1 run of indica and 1 run of sativa.

    Butterscotch. H

    ISS. S

    OG Kush. I

    White Rhino. I


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