Co Gov Signs House Bill And Senate Bill To Regulate Recreational Mj

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  1. I know people are up in arms about the 5 ng limit for stoned driving, but nothing mentioned about the specifics of Senate Bill 283 and House Bill 1317, which sets up the retail and taxation system of recreational marijuana in the state of Colorado.
    What do y'all think? I haven't read all the way through both bills yet, but will be soon.....
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  2. I do not have any idea how long it will take to meet the requirements and get your permits where you could get started but if it is no outdoor commercial production the production costs will be a huge benefit to the illegal growers that do grow outdoors and don't pay fees or taxes,,,under-pricing the black market with so much regulation is going to be impossible.
    It is going to take a lot of growers to even meet the daily demands of CO residents,,much less the tourists.
  3. I'm glad to see this happen but unlike what most people think, I believe there will be a huge surge in pricing at first.  I don't see prices falling until around 2015.  There just won't be enough supply to meet the demand at first.
  4. psshh idk about surging prices. I can only see prices going down because the customer base/market is going to explode. Only way they go up is if there's a shortage of mj which is not likely because it's legal to grow. No Risk. I was just in denver this past weekend, was able to find an 1/8 of dank strawberry cough for $20. Only had to ask 1 person down in LoDo on friday night. Can't wait to make the move
  5. You clearly have no idea how much weed is overstocked here in Colorado.  
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    Have you read the details to implementing A64?  You cannot assume each and every current MMJ facility will convert over to a recreational retail storefront.  The price will go down but it will take time.
    There is a system currently that is supplying roughly 100,000 red card holders, once Jan 1st hits you are opening the door to a population of roughly 5 million.  Now we all understand that not everybody is going to use cannabis in a recreational form but that system that is supplying 100,000 patients (actually from what I've read only 50,000 have designated centers as their providers) will begin supplying the general public?  It will get squeezed at first, you cannot deny that, and that's not even taking into account the added tourism.
    I was referring more to the retail market.
    Here's what you do not yet understand:
    If weed is in overstock now, then once it's legalized......then overstock+.  There's no way supply is going to drop lol.  Not from something that can be made anywhere.
    That work's when you're thinking that Amendment 64 allows anybody to grow in mass amounts right away, it doesn't.  The retail market is not talking about homegrow's either.  Also this "surplus" you're talking about, back to what I said, you're assuming the shops with surplus are going to flip to a retail storefront, not every current MMJ is going to be a retail storefront.
  10. Business owners in future retail stores will find a way to dip into black market pot.  Simple as that.
    You may be right with that, but honestly it may be in the best interest of legalization to not do so.  Don't get me wrong, I do think prices will eventually get real cheap but it'll take a little time to get there IMO.  I Just think that initially that surplus will go away real quick with the market they are opening it up to.
  12. And to anybody that want's to hear great info on the situation in CO or A64 give a listen to
  13. i don't see this happening at all. At most the first month, they might raise the price $10 but everyone already knows what going to happen January 1st, 2014 and they'll be well prepared for it. If their not, their stupid and will be missing out on a great business opportunity. The john doe radio show is legit tho. Highly recommend it for those looking to see what's going on in denver/colorado
    It's a lock if the voter's pass the tax's proposed in November that prices will increase at least 15%.  A lot of things will clear up after July 1st when they come out with the final details regarding licensing, (local cities will still have to hammer out their own regulations.)  At the last Denver city counil meeting they had a straw poll regarding their take on regulations and supposedly they want a moratorium on new applications (people other than current MMC's) until 2016.  I haven't heard which shops plan on going recreational yet, only have heard of shops that said they would stay medical only.

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