Co Gov Hickenlooper Signs Marijuana Regulations Into Law

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    Colorado marijuana regulations signed into law
    Posted:   05/28/2013 01:02:28 AM MDT
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    <span>The Associated Press</span>
    <div>[​IMG]<div>Associated Press file photo


    </div>DENVER-Colorado now has a set of laws to regulate and tax recreational marijuana.
    Gov. John Hickenlooper signed six pot bills into law Tuesday. The laws cover how marijuana should be grown, packaged and sold.
    Another new law sends to voters the question of taxing pot at least 25 percent, with proceeds going to school construction and the cost of regulating pot.
    Hickenlooper also signed a bill creating a new driving limit for marijuana as an analogy to the blood alcohol limit.
    The governor said he believes the federal government will soon respond to the fact that Colorado and Washington state are in violation of federal drug law. But Hickenlooper didn't have a specific idea when.
    ^^ This right here in bold.
    What and when will the feds take action?
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    April 15th of next year, right after all of these businesses have to pay taxes. Either using their failure to pay federal taxes, or hitting them for not having a marijuana tax stamp. And it won't be the DEA, it'll be the IRS. If it was good enough for Capone, it'll be good enough for the hop-heads.
  4. I think the feds have more onthere plate then worrying about marijuana right now. With all the scandals, budget cuts, and foreign policy blunders dourbt they will do anything they lost its over.
  5. The Feds will do nothing. The will of the people is slowly seeping into national politics and even hardcore rightwing conservatives realize this is a "states rights" issue and cannot stop it.
  6. Exactly

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