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CO Edibles?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by DV, May 20, 2010.

  1. Hey I got my mmj card and I was wondering where is a
    good place for edibles in the Denver/Metro/Boulder areas.
    I've been researching but there's nothing really solid.

    Any fellow patients that can help me out?

    Or recipes, my friend is getting some c-butter and I would
    hate for the food to come out horrible. That'd be a waste.
  2. bump.
    Anything anyone?
  3. Altermeds, HighGrade, Evolution, GreenBelly... I can go on and on bro... :smoke:
  4. Well yeah but I want personal experience, what you got
    and are they good?
    A lot of them taste like shit. I'm sorry but it's true.
    I've gotten things that's I've literally had to throw away
    but "friends" say it's good, BS! Ha.
  5. I am a frequent visitor to all four of those and none of them would sell anything that tastes like shit. Try HighGrade's Zonkey Bar. or AlterMeds has awesome drinks and candy. :smoke:
  6. We have our Mountain Medicine bars which are extremely potent (around 4 doses in a single bar) but some people are overwhelmed by the cannabis taste. The flavor and ingredients are all top notch in my book.

  7. You can find recipes in the edibles section of recreational MJ use.

    check out MrsEd's test kitchen

    sugardaddie's thread

    Good luck :smoke:
  8. Thanks a lot guys.
    Also, has anyone been to The Giving Tree?
    Read awesome reviews and I'm pretty curious...
  9. the cup cakes from Top Shelf in boulder kick fucking ASS!!! dunno why but they fuck me up

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