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  1. current grow Iv'e found in my study's that using just cns17 or the ripe all the way thru gives too much cal for my strains. so for transition week I split grow and bloom then week 1 I use cns17 week 2 pure blend pro for cocothen either cns17 or ripe whichever suits the plant. after that its ripe one week pbp the next and so forth so far plants love the program. Oh and for those of you who are wondering I have plenty of runoff plenty!! hope ur watching
  2. The Ripe shouldn't have any Calcium at all, it is a 1-5-4 with 0.5% magnesium and some sulfur and that's about it on the label (if my memory serves me right). I think the PBP is the same way no calcium.

    It is great you found a program they thrive on! That's all that matters.

    How much CNS17 Grow and Bloom do you use during Veg and through the Transition? It would be interesting to know how much calcium is too much calcium in your garden as comparison.
  3. Theres 1.25 cal in the garuteed anayalist. I use the same transition method with bloom and grow also just no "pbp"
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    1/4 cns17 grow max during veg I split that up 4 trans. go back to the labels cns17 has a whopping
    2.25 of cal as the cns ripe has i believe 1.25 of cal where as pbp has 1 % of cal. all of the above contain only .5 % of mag
    the reason I use pbp is its got only the 1% cal.
  5. Huh. I wonder how I got that ripe has no cal? Thanks for the correction.

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