CNN's Rick Sanchez FIRED!

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  1. It happened after he did an interview and said Jews run CNN. He also said Jon Stewart is a bigot, because he makes fun of him. I did a story on my site about it if you're interested.

    CNN's Rick Sanchez calls Jon Stewart a "Bigot" and Says CNN Run by Jews. | Dronetek

    TNewser reporting the firing. You have to applaud CNN for finally doing what everyone knew needed to be done.

    Breaking: Rick Sanchez Fired From CNN - TVNewser

  2. Sanchez was a tool and a complete oaf! Im amazed it took the network that long to replace him.
  3. [ame=]YouTube - CNN's Rick Sanchez Calls Jon Stewart a Bigot[/ame]
  4. he spoke the truth you guys, and got fired.
  5. Weird.

    Sanchez calls a comedian a bigot.

    Limbaugh calls me a phony soldier for speaking out against the Iraq war.

    One of these assholes lost his job, the other is still an asshole.
  6. I saw him once on CNN, mostly because I don't watch it, and for the 5 minutes I was watching he called Obama the cotton-picking president of the United States. I think he explained it later as a saying but I was laughing for enough time after that because he said that on fucking CNN!

    That was fucking funny
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    That never happened. You've (once again) fallen for left wing spin. I'm starting to think you enjoy being mislead. You really should stop taking Media Matter's word for it and maybe think for yourself. Limbaugh was specifically talking about phony soldiers who lie about their service and join anti-war groups to make claims of war crimes.

    No, he didn't. Jon Stewart and others make fun of Sanchez, because he says and does stupid shit on a regular basis. Everybody ridicules Sanchez, because he deserves it. Not because JEWZ run the media.

    Here is a list of Rick's idiocy if you want to review it:
  8. [ame=]YouTube - Rick Sanchez on CNN uses the phrase cotton-picking[/ame]

    Haha :D
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    Drone I was listening the day Limbaugh let this faux pas through. I delivered pizza for 5 years, believe it or not I thought Beck was reasonable at one point.

    It is completely possible to construe what he said both ways. After listening to Limbaugh for 5 years - I am convinced he believed(believes) soldiers who speak out against the Iraq war are phony.

    Yes Jesse MacBeth lied. Limbaugh commented on what the next caller claimed a real soldier was saying - joining to serve and make a sacrifice.

    Ignore the article, this is for the phone segment
    Limbaugh: Service members who support U.S. withdrawal are "phony soldiers" | Media Matters for America

    I almost wrecked when I heard that. I've never heard anyone in the marines call me a phony marine for hating George Bush. I couldn't believe another branch would do this . . . but it's the army. But what's really funny was Jesse wasn't very wrong.

    Sorry for getting off topic, FWIW I thought rick was a big douche too.
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    Same here.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Rush Limbaugh: Anatomy of a Smear[/ame]

    (Rush plays whole segment around the 3 minute mark)

    No, not if you were listening and heard the entire segment. Rush did a whole piece on Mc'Beth before the caller and called him a phony soldier and rush plays the segment AFTER the caller. MM is spinning because they know the people who read their propaganda are just going to accept their spin.

    Not to mention the military came out in support of Limbaugh and if you remember, Limbaugh sold the document drawn up by Democrats to condemn him and gave the money to military families.,2933,301656,00.html
  11. Yeah I forget who wrote that paper he auctioned but I remember him auctioning it for children of marine law enforcement I think, which I'm still not against. Edit: I just caught your quote at the bottom, it snuck by me.

    I listened to the first minute before skipping to 3 minutes. I'm also almost entirely certain that the second part of what Rush is saying - where he exposes Jesse - came days later after he started catching flack for the phony soldier bit.

    I'm pretty sure he went straight to commercial after that because after I pulled my car over and I phoned the show I was so angry. So . . . I don't think this is in context as apologizing and coming up with a story after you catch Hell for it is hardly acceptable.

    But it's still besides the point, unless Jesse was given an entry level dis or dishonorable/BCD he is still a veteran. I don't know the details of his discharge because my impression of him is he is a scumdog bottom dweller, but it's entirely possible he has a legitimate discharge. Regardless, Rush somehow tries to justify this by discrediting his service for how short his enlistment was, mine was cut short for medical reasons I actually have a lot in common with Jesse, except I don't have to lie.

    I have yet to hear Rush make any comments regarding actual veterans against the war (I think I may have heard something negative about Vote Vets but I don't know if he just called it a liberal machine or actually attacked the veterans) - he agrees with the caller that everyone enlisting in the last 4 years know they are being deployed and that's what they want to do and anything otherwise makes them phony.

    Before we get too deep into this old news you want to take this to PM or another thread so this one isn't derailed too much? You know how we go on.

  12. No he wasn't. He never even completed basic training.

    Now, back to Rick Sanchez:

    [ame=]YouTube - CNN's Rick Sanchez Bullying a Scientist and asking what 9 meters "in English" is[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - CNN's resident racist Rick Sanchez retracts BOGUS racism charge against Rush. Liberals lose again..[/ame]
  13. what a tool.

    "Jon Stewart took shots at me because I'm latino."

    Wanna bet he gets a job at MSNBC within the month?
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  15. I might die laughing if that happens. :laughing:
  16. Oh the pwnage.

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