CNN's Don Lemon a racist?

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  1. I'm baaaaaack! :D :wave:

    I saw this live on the air back in October, but wasn't able to find the transcript until now. Roland Martin and him are talking about genealogy and Lemon is scared to get his checked because of the possibility he has white blood. Why would this scare him? Even Martin is confused. - Transcripts
    Maybe I'm being over sensitive, but if Sean Hannity was openly nervous he might find black blood in his family, don't you think it would be called out?
  2. black people are allowed to be proud of their skin color, they earned it

    thats pretty much what this topic boils down to

  3. How do you earn skin color? Or do you mean they earned the right to be proud of it?

    No one should be proud of their skin color, it's irrelevant.
  4. mhm
    well they are, whatever utopia you and dronetek live in doesnt exist in this world
  5. this is why i don't watch CNN, why are we even talking about skin color, do we talk about the clouds contrasting with the grass all of a sudden, because none of us select or have any influence on these type of attributes/physical qualities.

    When i was younger, like 3rd grade, i said i was glad i'm white. That was followed by a talk with my mother, which i'm still appreciative of being white, but proud, NOOOO!

  6. What does a white have to be proud of? What does a black have to be proud of? Or yellow, or red, or brown? The achievements of their predecessors? If that's the case then people are thinking just a little backwards. Are you proud of your skin color? If so why?
  7. yup

    im not really proud of being white, but i honestly wouldnt want to be anything BUT white

    [ame=]YouTube - Louis CK - Being White[/ame]
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    I don't understand...for two reasons:

    1.) He just said he was afraid and never said why. I personally either don't like the idea of having my DNA used for strange purposes like that. No fear of my genealogy, but I can't really explain why. It's like why the fuck do I need to know?

    2.) If it was so damning and his words proved he was somehow a racist, why couldn't the words speak for themselves? I don't understand why you felt the need to have changed the order of the dialog. Did they not say the right things to imply what you want? Was his "afraid" comment actually followed by "(crosstalk)" between the two correspondents? Crosstalk being banter between the two on either a comment or story not pertaining to the manuscript.



  9. This thread is retarded.. funny, but retarded.

    Being black is alright: Chicken tastes good.. I'm guaranteed a big penis.. Colt 45 is a way of life..

  10. I've seen the Louis CK video and it's funny.

    But I agree with OP and BluePestilence.

    The color of your skin isn't important enough to merit being proud of.
  11. Nothing wrong with being proud of your race, The Dark Skin Man has been oppressed and sold out through-out history even sometimes by his own brother especially in America, with generations of institutionalized oppression, being considered only 3/4 a human being and all that bullshit. Alot of white people still resent the fact that blacks are no longer slaves and scoff at the idea of paying reparations to the decedents of those American families who were terrorized and history's erased, an almost meaningless gesture of good faith that im not even sure is even a good idea today, but people dont understand western civilization is a white supremacist culture we has only recently begone to change that maybe only like in the last 60-70 years. Hatred is deep, it sucks walking to a diner where people think less of you because of you color but it happens all the time and only compounds our problems.

    P.S. I didn't even read the transcript but im assuming he was only joking and with no malice in his heart, as for "The walrus" KKKlanity there is nothing but spite in anything that spews out of his vile mouth hes a corporate puppet who specializes in riling up the masses.
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    Because he says hes afraid after Roland says he has German in him.

    Dude, it was no nefarious conspiracy on my part. I posted the link to the transcript for anyone to read. It is posted out of order, simply because I went back and added a portion later. The same implication is there either way.

    What else could he possibly be talking about? Thats why I phrased the thread as a question.
  13. I just want to post to say I have sorely missed Dronetek's threads. :)
  14. this...
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    Yes, I too missed our times together, Dronetek.

    I wonder sometimes... do you get up every morning and google "MSNBC CNN anti-white racism" and then basically go from there? Or do you have like reports of everything stupid said on the 24-hour news networks e-mailed to you every 24 hours?

    Don Lemon might have a case of... Caucasianaphobia. Irrational fear of Caucasians. Do you suppose he clutches his wallet to his body instinctively when passing a group of white people walking down the street? Maybe. Roland Martin should have called him out for being a pussy though.

    Roland seems like a much cooler black dude than Don is. Just sayin'...
  16. 1. I work in media
    2. I saw this live

    He has said on the air that he thinks white people are "inherently racist".

    BTW, broke my arm in 4 places Sunday, so I wont be posting for a week or two.

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