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Discussion in 'General' started by sushi_n_blunts, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. just posted about this same show i watched it earlier. nice plants but to much government bullshit. sooner or later it will be illegal to grow tomato plants
  2. Not responding to OP, But to the poster who made another thread on this then deleted it.

    Uhh, Yeah, Growers will keep automatics and pitbulls. Not all of them, But a fair share.
  3. i have met alot of growers and never seen a pittbull or and automatic weapon. maybe a cocker spaniel and a 45
  4. Theres different types of growers.

    Theres your small time growers who grow for themselves who may not even push any.

    Theres your small time growers who push for a friend or a couple.

    Then way down the line theres your big time growers, They gon have some thangs.
  5. yeah i was just kidding the big timers got the dogs and guns but then theres people with dogs and guns that dont grow. i just dont like the way the government tries to make everybody that has grown a pot plant into some kind of hardcore killer.

    he called us scum, no joke, scum.

    Fucking prick, i bet i tripled that fuck on my SAT's.... nd probably will end up making more money and being an overall more positive citizen than he is. Who the fuck is he to call me scum.
  7. You didnt know? Everybody who smokes weed is a murderer. We support terroissm. :rolleyes:

    They always try to make us look bad, Fuck em. But wherever theres money, Theres guns.
  8. i have watched this a couple times on tv.. "real estate mom" thats learning how to grow cracks me up.
  9. Maybe the next documentary will talk about how Rick Simpson cured cancer with oil extracted from cannabis buds.

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