CNBC: 98% say yes to pot

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  1. Any issue will always have opposition, but when a minority speaks out enough, they become the majority because:

    1) We are the loudest, therefore it skews the numbers in our favor

    2) In a case like this, where the truth points in our direction, people are convinced by so many of us yelling the truth in every outlet.

    3) In turn, since we live in such a connected society, when the truth spreads, it's like a virus. IT will affect every crevace of this nation, as long as we keep the truth alive and breathing.

    When people no longer have money for recreation, that's when the best in people comes out. Morals and truth are now important again, and the tide will soon turn with the people.
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    Indeed, if any time has been the best time to legalize because of the truth being known to the majority of the population, it would be now. Of course, bad information spreads just as quickly....

    To the poster asking about, IT IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANYBODY OF IMPORTANCE. Basically, whatever you saw on is irrelevant, other than another source of an unreliable online poll. Change.GOV was the site for President-Elect Obama, and although I haven't looked myself, i'd imagine the site is probably abandoned, taken down or otherwise replaced by an official website of the President. When talking about what Obama will deal with, the official site for Obama is a bit more significant. Basically, a poll done on grasscity is about as important to Obama and co. as the polls done on (or any other similar site)

    CHANGE.ORG IS NOT IMPORTANT! What they have may be interesting, but it is in no way official anything. The sooner everyone realizes that, the less you'll get your hopes up over similar websites.

  3. Agreed, but look on the bright side- All the people who voted no would be like "wow, maybe im alone in trying to put these peaceful 'criminals' in jail....i switch sides!"

    ye yeah:D
  4. did anybody catch it?i missed it cause i dont have cnbc :( anybody know if its uploaded anywhere? i heard it was reefer madness all over again..
  5. Bah, that did not help our cause. I'll tell you this though, I wouldn't mind smoking out the hostess of the show and then banging her out until bud grew down her ear lobes.
  6. John Walters talking about selling poison :rolleyes:
    Marijuana Nation was much better.
  7. As soon as I saw him I was just waiting for him to say something sensational; he did not disappoint.
  8. selling poison?

    what the fuck does that make alcohol and tobacco??

    these tv anchor assholes are so damn ignorant.
  9. Yeah that guy said something like , " they are out here growing poison " . At the beginning of the show , while they were introducing the subject , there was this creepy piano music playing in the background ( like the creepy music they play when talking about a serial killer or something ) .

    And then you had another guy talk about this town where 60% of the residents are someway involved with marijuana , and how ashamed he is of the town .

    And they talked about how these violent mexican gangs were the culprit behind the marijuana growing .

    Some of it was funny though , like watching the host sniff a bag of dank from a californian dispensery ... "oh, that's strong ! , that bag smells better " . :p
  10. I thought CNBC didn't do a very good job on this special. It was ALL California. That was really lazy on their part.

    A few bright spots:

    1. Showed how absolutely VITAL the MJ industry is in this country. Wipe it out and entire communities could crumble. Not that this is a good thing of course, but it showed that there is indeed an "industry" and that this country is losing a hell of a lot of revenue to those we don't want being funded by it (the cartels.)

    2. The Oaksterdam portrayal. Seemed like pretty "normal" looking Americans who are interested in pot. No one was "scary" or looked like a heroin addict, did they? :rolleyes:

    3. The DEA agent in the copter: "We are losing." Stop sending out officers to risk their lives and citizens lives over a substance that doesn't take lives. Prohibition does.

    4. Trish Reagan. I want to cover her in cannabutter. :D

    Overall, not a very informative piece and not very well done.
  11. That was disappointing to say the least, the hostess was quite hot but the message was very negative. They mentioned all of the bad things that had to do with border smuggling and Mexican crime but failed to mention that all of these problems are being caused by prohibition and not the Marijuana itself. I found it ironic that the very last scene was one of the DEA officers saying that they are losing the fight against marijuana. However they mentioned nothing of decriminalization or legalization. Pretty poor overall.

    However on a lighter note i did laugh at one scene where officers came across a small crop in some woods and they found a can of beans and were like "this is clearly a Hispanic grow operation." I just couldn't help myself.
  12. I laughed my ass off at the hispanic grow site comment.

    All the special did for me was convince me I need to move to Mendocino.
  13. this is all too true. What the fuck is wrong with congress?!

    dont they realize that marijuana can turn this economy around?

    instead of making drug cartels richer and that much more dangerous?

    Until all of these oldskool congressmen die out, we will not be heard.:(
  14. Shit, they had a 50/50 chance of being correct since half the state is Hispanic. :D
  15. Don't give up THAT easily! ;)

    I think anyone with a brain knows the drug war isn't working. There are some hurdles to clear. The continuing propaganda of the ONDCP regarding marijuana and the 78 years of prohibition is a lot to overcome, and the government knows they'd look foolish if they reverse course now. But as public opinion continues to shift, it will not be political "suicide" to bring up the idea of legalization. I had a long debate on a non-MJ site with some people who are anti-legalization. They ALL said they were OK with medical use. Despite the fact that MJ is safer than alcohol, and didn't outwardly reject this information, they say that we don't need to "add to the problems" that alcohol and cigarettes cause. I think more science-based factual information is the key which shows people the safety of marijuana. But, the major hurdle is of course that the government controls the research here in the US, thus making that virtually impossible to accomplish.

    Keep pointing out to people that the people and organizations most opposed to prohibtion are those whose jobs are on the line, or don't want any competition from marijuana as an industry, or wish to protect the tax-funded industry that is prohibtiion.
    How "suspect" does it look when the "Coalition for a Drug-Free America" is sponsored by the alcohol and tobacco companies? People are largely ignorant as to why it became illegal and who most vigorously supports it staying that way. Spread the word and people will come around. People are FINALLY starting to get tired of corporate greed and political corruption. They no longer trust these sources of information. They just need to keep hearing reality. If people are still too stupid to see what's going on at that point, I guess we are doomed anyways... :rolleyes:
  16. Rofl. That's some good investigatin' right there.

  17. So remember, if you're a non-hispanic outdoors grower in Cali, leave a can of beans out there and they'll never know it was you.
  18. that's my plan. leave 4 bags of tortillas and some el cabron hot sauce. im packing up the van and zeppelin tapes right now. mendocino, here i come. the promised land!
  19. actual quote from the website- "**As of this posting, CNBC has only received comments favoring decriminalization of marijuana."

    YEAH THATS RIGHT MAYBE THERES A MESSAGE TO BE HAD THERE. It is now time for people to work together and force our government to listen to the obvious. People 30 years from now will look back on this time and think, "I can't believe that Marijuana was ever illegal what the hell were they thinking?"

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