CNBC: 98% say yes to pot

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  1. The number isn't the only issue. The bigger issue is that the poll participants were not chosen randomly. Again the ONLY way anybody could vote for that, is if they 1) Had the internet and 2) Knew about the voting site. Since it was posted on this forum, I'm 100% sure it was posted on similar forums. Also, the number of votes are obviously NOT unique voters. When you have people wakenbake intentionally defrauding the poll, it become completely and utterly useless.
  2. yea online polls are useless
  3. still 97.2 percent to 2.8 percent, is nice!!

    How many damn polls do we have to vote on make it legal already. It doesn't take a real genius to understand marijuana should be legal. What poll will really matter, seem they want ignore then number 1 voted idea by a longshot is complete bullshit!!!:hello:

  4. Getting marijuana legalization number one in the government-ran online polls wasn't about them legalizing it when they saw it, it was about increasing exposure of real facts to the masses. It was about convincing outsiders, people on the fence, and maybe a few politicians - that maybe, we should legalize cannabis and stop wasting tax dollars on a pointless war on weed.

    Us, the grass rooters, our job is to build a snowball. The bigger we make this snowball, the more exponentially bigger it gets. So lets make a large enough snowball to sweep the nation, and we will finally have legalization.
  5. If you really want to see what the general population thinks, make the poll more random. Just randomly call people from all different demographics, same way they do political polls. At least then the poll would have a little more weight
  6. I submited a comment (not posted yet), and noticed that on the website CNBC states the below in regards to the comments to the poll:

    **As of this posting, CNBC has only received comments favoring decriminalization of marijuana.

  7. God this is such a liberating feeling, that a network allows and actually favors something the people want so dearly, that the government is against. This gives me hopes that journalism will return to it's original purpose: ending corruption and spreading real knowledge.
  8. 97%

    over 10,000 votes now
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    I'm pretty shocked my self; if they were against it they def. would not be pointing that fact is interesting.

    Edit: Ah, I just thought, they may have put that at the bottom b/c they don't want people to think that they are only posting the positive comments.
  10. 97% to 2.7% with 10662 votes:D

    but this poll is only for decriminalization not legalization, but it's a start.
  11. Thats cool, 97% to 2.3%...

    Weed FTW.
  12. Not weed for the win man, Common sense and real world issues affecting our brothers!
  13. anyone notice how that whole "" ( or w/e it was called ) thing that they said was gonna go to pres obama was nothing but a scam in the end? They didnt even post the vote results legit like.. they didnt list them in correct order so the marijuana ones werent at the top as they should have been ( most votes etc ) and it didnt even go to obama or anyone in the end lol.. gay ass marketing ( paid by click ) websites.
  14. Just wanted to remind anybody interested in seeing this piece on CNBC , it will be showing tonight (jan 22nd) . It's starts at 9:00 P.M. . Hopefully this will be in favor of .
  15. boo ya!!! i hope this is good for us and i have a gut feeling it will be!!
  16. They will have an encore at 1 AM as well for those 2nd shift workers like me...
  17. You guys im all for positive feedback from news stations on pot but do you think people who dont like pot go to marijuana inc. part of the cite? Of coarse all those votes r from stoners.
  18. I must say, I do feel a change in the air.

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