CNBC: 98% say yes to pot

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  1. its not onyl that its the damn government system and way people think. people are like "oh, if its illegal it must be bad for you!"

  2. If anything, online polls are quite an innacurate way to truly judge the opinion of the masses. The grassroots marijuana lobby is all over this one as it is all over anything on the internet related to cannabis - the reason being the internet is so connected, anything marijuana related can be found quite easily therefore it can be spread quite easily to the demographics who support it.
  3. This is a response i posted on my blog...

    A poll on CNBC currently shows that people are 98% in favor of decriminalizing Marijuana. Now - I am not a math major or anything - but i'm pretty sure that shows a favorable majority for decriminalization...even if it is in an online poll.

    My question is - How come with the recent economic problems in our country that we are unable to make necessary changes to secure a better nation on all ends? On, the citizen's briefing book has marijuana as one of the top issues that people want changed. What kinda tunnel is the government looking through that makes it want to dodge all of these hints that we are sending them?

    In the 1930s, when marijuana was vilified and turned into the "devil's weed" itself, there was also a prime number of support among the current pharmaceutical companies as well as other corporations. Well, since "all is fair in love and war" it clearly shows that these rich corporations are still trying to keep marijuana under wraps as a therapeutic as well as a safe and affordable recreational drug.

    Right now the movement that we are all a part of is abstract as we present our issues to senate and congress - the cash giant that the corporations in the country have is concrete and will continue to pump taxes and send lobbyists to congress in order to keep the failed drug war in effect.

    We are getting closer and closer to decriminalization, that's for sure. Hopefully, after the special airs on CNBC, more people will be enlightened to do their own research and gain in support for the legalization and/or decriminalization of marijuana - at the very least for medical purposes.

    We can only hope that this poll represents the bulk of the country...after all, in Michigan every county voted for the medical marijuana bill.

  4. I took the liberty to proofread some of it because it's a blog and all...
  5. Indeed. I don't understand why everybody gets all excited about unreliable online polls. The current # of votes is <5,000. The U.S. population is like 300 MILLION. That's .16% of the U.S. population. Hardly indicative of the entire nation's opinion.

    Then you have guys like wakenbake who intentionally skew the results, which is fine because the poll is completely inconsequential but it only proves the fact that online polls are NOT to be trusted. At all.

    The only people who can vote on the poll are those who have internet AND know about that site. In order for the poll to accurately represent the people, it would have to include a much more random pool of voters.
  6. yes this is interesting - comes on Thursday @8 on CNBC
  7. sorry to be the negative person here but come on this means nothing because we flooded an online poll? First off we need to educate people and then get an accurate vote on it, im sure 98% of these ppl are either the same person or other pot smokers connecting to each other through forums, do u think someone who doesn't care much about the topic will get 20 friends to vote with them or do u think a pot advacate is going to get masses to vote along with them? think about it. but none the less i think this special is going to be in our favor. Lets hope that we can get REAL results that show 98% :) please dont flame me, i love weed just as much as all of you its just i rather not get my hopes up for nothing gotta be realistic every now and then and we are talking about the US Government, sigh ....

  8. Actually surveys of the general public that include over 10,000 people are considered to be extremely accurate. Once you get above that point, there is minimal variation in the results. However, internet polls are less accurate than other varieties of polls because of the reasons many people have listed. The number of votes really isn't as bad as it sounds though.
  9. 7,413 people have voted and there's still 98% "yes".

    ..the numbers are great but seems odd to me. There's been 98% "yes" for two days now :confused:

  10. Maybe it's 100%, but since that doesn't sound like a real stastistic, they stuck it at 98%
  11. I think they're rounding the figures off. So it really was like 97.6%. Now it's like 97.9%. If you look at the lower number it went down from 2.4% opposing to 2.1% opposing.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if it's positive...I mean have you SEEN the stuff that CNBC produces? They are OBVIOUSLY smoking some good stuff.
  13. That's amazing! I am sure that most of them are unique, because I could only vote once. 98% is such an incredible number, it seems the evidence that cannabis will be legalized in 2009 just keeps getting bigger.
  14. 8,243 responses...
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    now it's over 9,000! :0 No, really.
  16. Will there be a way for those not in the US to watch the special? If somebody could tape it and host it somewhere? Cause there are alot of people in the city who arn't from the US of A.
  17. I'm sure there will be someone to upload it to the net, somewhere. After its aired you may even be able to stream it directly from the nbc website.

  18. lol yea for real

    i hope i remember to watch it, i'll have to make a note and stick it on my roach clips
  19. Its not a scientific poll, it probably has been mostly voted on by us and people on other weed forums which is why it is so far in our favor, if i wasnt a memeber here I wouldnt have been able to vote on it, as I wouldnt have known about it. This is called a selection bias. Its down to 97% now.
  20. I hope it is hosted somewhere, because trying to stream from NBC and ABC is pretty much impossible unless i go through the whole hidden IP thing cause i am out of USA. Whats the exact name of the special? Just Marijuana INC.?

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