CNBC: 98% say yes to pot

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    CNBC is running a poll in relation to their upcoming special: Marijuana INC. asking the people whether or not they would like to see marijuana decriminilized. Ninety-eight percent are in favor so far.

    Not only is this a good sign that so many people are in favor of decriminilization, it's a good sign that Marijuana INC will indeed be a positive pot piece, another stepping stone in the legalization and regulation of cannabis in the United States.
  2. This is such a relief. I was really worried the special would be a negative piece. Let's get everyone to vote on that, keep it up at 98%
  3. Looks cool, I hope I remember to watch it.
  4. Too bad they don't say anything about the harmless effects of it compared to alchohol, etc.

  5. Who knows what they'll say in the special, it hasn't aired yet.

    This is all they said as far as information goes on the site:

    That sounds like positive spin to me.
  6. they were probly expecting negative results and now there not going to show the results because they are in favor of legalization!

  7. I don't think they were expecting negative results. There is no negative information on the web page regarding cannabis, the only information leads me to believe we have help from the inside NBC somewhere - a pot activist high up in the media.
  8. lets hope
  9. 98% of how many people.. 10??
  10. 98% IS A low number..

    Lets bring that shit up to 99%!
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    lol who knows! but my vote was 4203! <<got the number 420 in it if you didnt notice! im using a web proxy to hide my ip so i can vote over and over! we should all dothis to get it up to 100%!

  12. sigh.. thats why its at 98% im sure, kids like you just screw the real poll up so we really have no idea what the actual results are.. nice, well played.
  13. sigh...people like you who just look for reasons to bitch, i was trying to do us a favor but i guess i will stop now since mr pissy pants over here diagrees with my ways.

    by the way the vote was at 98% when i started with 2.1% negative its now 2.3% negative, i was trying to keep us up in the top.
  14. So far its out of 4500 people voting.
  15. 4500 votes out of how many unique people??
    probably like half maybe?

    and pissy pants? since when is caring about REAL results means you are pissy? when you vote, (or are you even old enough to vote?) do you keep filling out ballots under different peoples name?

  16. first off i am old enough to vote, and second, if it was for a good enough cause i would keep filling out ballots. and to me legalizing marijuana is a pretty big part of my life so i would say it is a good enough cause for some who actually smokes.
  17. And you wonder why the system as a whole is broken....
  18. bad this isnt "the sytem". this is a news site so...chill out.....

    but anyways enough off topic arguing! the vote is still at 98% we need to get more people to vote. ive posted this on another forum i participate on and have gotten a some people to help vote.
  19. Love it, if this gets into huge numbers NORML will have a field day.

    Can't wait to read the blog that they'll post :)
  20. already have the show set on the dvr. I hope this special changes the viewpoint of those who like to portray mj a "the devil" .....god people are so brainwashed by false facts.

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